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For the past few weeks, I have been talking with my juniors, their juniors, batchmates, old engineering friends, past and present colleagues and what not. Now, sitting back on a Sunday evening, I realize that we talk a different tongue. For the benefit of the greater humanity; I decode one of the omnipresent words in Yembeeyeah!speak:

Learning experience : (1) Failing to do or achieve something (2) flunk out of a course (3) circumstances which suck big time.

Eg: (1) Boss :Did you complete the project?
Employee : Well.. It was more of a learning experience...

(Experienced bosses do not venture beyond this point. They know that it is a lost cause to be overly curious about the project. They make a mental note to bring down the intended salary hike of the employee by a few notches and move on.)

Eg: (2) Friend1: Dude, how come you are 29 with no work experience and just passed out of MBA?
Friend2: Dude, I had some learning experiences man!
Friend1: Oh, yeah? Which all classes?

( Note the refined sidestepping of the words flunked, failed, repeated etc. and how Friend1 cuts straight to the chase. )

Eg: (3) Department Head: How do you find the new city? How is the guesthouse where you are put up?
Eagerbeaver employee : I love it! It is a great learning experience!

( In a slightly hysterical, high pitched voice with a 28 teeth baring smile; which is so akin of an orangutan baring its teeth in fear. By the way, it is one more evidence to the Darwian theory.
The two sentences means : " I hate it here. There are no friends here and I do not understand this language. This food is different from what we eat it is too spicy/not at all spicy (crossout whichever is not applicable) and people here do/do not (crossout whichever is not applicable) talk Hindi. It is too hot/cold (crossout whichever is not applicable) here. The people use too much oil in their food/hair (crossout whichever is not applicable) that it stinks always. I want to be in the other department. But I am not going to make any career limiting statements and exhibit negativity. Atleast, not to you."

Now; knowing that a lot of you know about me shifting to Calcutta; here are my learning experiences from Bongland:

Finding an apartment to stay : somebody pass me the contact details of people who can fix up an apartment for me please! (1)

Language : It reminds me of the times when I hear Hindi, Tamil or Malayalam being spoken; but cannot make out the words. (2 : And I haven't even started the course! )

Food : The guys in the guesthouse believe in excesses; especially of salt, garlic and oil in all kinds of food. (3)

The rumored readers of this blog; bhailog; thoda madat keejiye!


Blogger ~£i~ :

Had always thought that Bongs an mallus should fight together for Intellectual Cinema , Football , Rice and Fish Curry , Communism , Strikes and so on . Your take on this :) after being to Bogaland.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

for ur food
Meeen kari kittum molle!!!...

for ur langugae
Add a big "O" in whatever u speak ...Then hindi becomes Bong.
Jal becomes Jol.

ATB for ur accomodation. Infact its the toughest part in all the metroes :))

visited college street ?


2:33 AM  
Blogger ursjina :

u get good kebabs ther yaar..that was the only thing i liked wen i was there..n ofcourse the sweets...wher exactly is ur locale?near joka?

4:29 AM  
Anonymous karthik :


move on to blogger-beta. Its kewl. I upgraded. you can add tags as well.
spellcheck is available.

1:48 PM  
Blogger KD :

Awesome!!... The post that is.. it was a learning experience..

10:28 AM  
Blogger indu :

hows singapore?

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Celia :

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