Requiem of a friendship

I really, really hope that someone shows you this post. Someone who kinda get the picture and care for me enough.
Friend, I am bailing out.
Had I been naive, I would have stayed put.
Had we actually talked about love, life and universe, I would have stayed put.
Oh what the hell... Had I loved your girlfriend, I would have stayed put.
But life is not always perfect.
I wanted to run when you said you would like us to be friends. I wanted to run when you were being nice and sweet to me, even when I was downright insulting. But you stayed put.
We could have been good friends, even best buddies. The past few days, I have really enjoyed your company. I have looked forward to our conversations which were looking like a classic example of Calvin meet Dogbert.
The few friends whom I have, the few friends whom I care for; I love them, and also those who love them. I am good friends with their better halves, siblings, friends and in some cases; even the parents. I would have loved to have such a relationship with you too.
However, I forgot something.
Friendship get shortchanged in comparison to almost every relationship.
Between blood relations and friendships, friendship loses.
Between sex and friendship, friendship has to walk away.
Between any relationship and friendship, friendship get hit.
Of all human connections, friendship is at the bottom rung of the food chain.
Given that you are my friend, I would not want to watch you making what I think is one of the biggest mistakes of your life. I really really wish that I would be proved wrong. However, in cases like this, the cynic in me has been having a perfect score so far.
But it depends on what you want. Whatever it be, because you are my friend and I want to see you being happy, I would want you to get it. And I really would not want to stand around and watch you make a fool of yourself, as it is going to be a painful process for me.
So thank you for your company, your wit, your patience. Adios, and take a bow. You deserve the applause.


Anonymous Anonymous :

though I couldnt understand the context, I disagree with the contents of the post.

7:29 AM  

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