Addendum to the previous

Ok, I hope that if someone showed you the earlier post, they show you this one too.

I have been doing some thinking. And what do you expect, you are actually a good friend of mine - atleast I feel that way.

So I aint going anywhere. I'm right here at the sidelines, cheering you on, and when you feel too bummed, will provide you with some pep talk or offer a hand to pull you up [ but if that happen, be prepared to get a life time on 'I told you so' s ].

Did the mistake of walking away from a similar situation in the past, I don't want to commit the same mistake twice and lose a friend.

Herez to us! Yup, and to you two too.

Don't expect me to be BFF with her anytime soon though.


Anonymous stanley :

BFF??? dint gey hold of dat

3:18 PM  

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