These are just some of my favourite friends

The One who, in our first face to face meeting, wanted to blast me for 'outing' his blog link to my PG community. The only guy with whom I can discuss guys.

The One whom people either mistook as my elder brother or else as my twin. He still is, for all practical purposes.

The One who was too Tam and too weird. He still is, but I love him all the more for that.

The One who, calls me up only when he wants to, and talks as much as he wants to. Whatever we become, I would know that he would be a part of my life in some way or other.

The One with whom I bonded over a factory visit and Tamil songs. My kindred soul in mischief.

The One whose mind I can read the best and the most. Most of the times, I try not to. Babe, you should speak out more often what you read in me.

The One who helped me out in my committees, and always stood by me. We neednot keep in touch, but we will be there for each other.

The One whom I looked upto in awe as a phenomenon, and whom I now bug for news about sprited liquids. When did we shift from dude to bro?

The One whom I became friends with the ulterior motive [ one of his friends was the focal point ;) ], and who somehow became one of my closest friends, a sounding board after a 1Km walk from the town back to college. My friend, colleague and family.

The One who is two continents away, but is always there to respond to a mail or a scrap. My one and only sister, for whom I will do almost anything.

The One who was the earlier one's roomie... and with whom I can start a conversation even if we meet after 4 years. I love her!

The One who always looked out for me when I was a fool in love. Thank you.

The one who became my friend thanks to this blog. And who somehow became a source and outlet for hugs.

The one with whom I bonded over some incompetent nincompoops. And who now help me not to become one.

The one whom I have never seen. And know that someday, somewhere, you will take me out for lunch and make me pay for it.

The one whom I always thought was not my type. But now one chap whose mails I do look forward to.

The one whom I thought was a sissy boy. Well, you still are! :))


Addendum to the previous

Ok, I hope that if someone showed you the earlier post, they show you this one too.

I have been doing some thinking. And what do you expect, you are actually a good friend of mine - atleast I feel that way.

So I aint going anywhere. I'm right here at the sidelines, cheering you on, and when you feel too bummed, will provide you with some pep talk or offer a hand to pull you up [ but if that happen, be prepared to get a life time on 'I told you so' s ].

Did the mistake of walking away from a similar situation in the past, I don't want to commit the same mistake twice and lose a friend.

Herez to us! Yup, and to you two too.

Don't expect me to be BFF with her anytime soon though.


Requiem of a friendship

I really, really hope that someone shows you this post. Someone who kinda get the picture and care for me enough.
Friend, I am bailing out.
Had I been naive, I would have stayed put.
Had we actually talked about love, life and universe, I would have stayed put.
Oh what the hell... Had I loved your girlfriend, I would have stayed put.
But life is not always perfect.
I wanted to run when you said you would like us to be friends. I wanted to run when you were being nice and sweet to me, even when I was downright insulting. But you stayed put.
We could have been good friends, even best buddies. The past few days, I have really enjoyed your company. I have looked forward to our conversations which were looking like a classic example of Calvin meet Dogbert.
The few friends whom I have, the few friends whom I care for; I love them, and also those who love them. I am good friends with their better halves, siblings, friends and in some cases; even the parents. I would have loved to have such a relationship with you too.
However, I forgot something.
Friendship get shortchanged in comparison to almost every relationship.
Between blood relations and friendships, friendship loses.
Between sex and friendship, friendship has to walk away.
Between any relationship and friendship, friendship get hit.
Of all human connections, friendship is at the bottom rung of the food chain.
Given that you are my friend, I would not want to watch you making what I think is one of the biggest mistakes of your life. I really really wish that I would be proved wrong. However, in cases like this, the cynic in me has been having a perfect score so far.
But it depends on what you want. Whatever it be, because you are my friend and I want to see you being happy, I would want you to get it. And I really would not want to stand around and watch you make a fool of yourself, as it is going to be a painful process for me.
So thank you for your company, your wit, your patience. Adios, and take a bow. You deserve the applause.



I am thinking
About my friends with whom I have not kept in touch. I miss them.

I said
"Why me?" when unexpected events happen in my life. I still do.

I want
To belong... Desperately.

I wish
I could care less about them and more about me and get on with my life

I miss
Macchan, Jha, Maya, Dott, Wolfy, Kush, Anoop... and the nice conversations we had [ who said you cannot talk to animals?]

I hear
Just the hum of my laptop now. It is dead silent here.

I wonder
When I will be able to get some sleep.

I regret
Well... nothing really.

I am

I dance
If I am totally ignored in the crowd... or if I have good company to dance.

I sing
Karnatic if I want to energize myself, melodies if I am alone, and funky tunes when I am ready to roll!

I cry
When I am frustrated or more correctly, angry. Sadness is a slow poison which corrodes my mind. It never crosses the threshold of the eyes.

I am not
an extrovert

I write
When I have to.

I confuse
Hindi grammar

I need
To put it down on paper and faast!

I should
Go for more walks and call up my friends

I finish
My work on time. Else I get psyched about it.

Passing the tags to:
And Manoj too, if you still read my blog.

And hey, Raven, you are the only non mallu of the lot :)



Mashmallows for breakfast.

Sunny sky with a nice friendly mongrel to pet.

Captain Sparrow with popcorn.

Long winded sms conversations.

10th floor flats, wind and clouds.

Rain from the office windows.

A good book to read.

Mails from friends.

Bubble bath with books.

Songs that you overhear.

Tequila so much that you see double.

Fruit chat with neembu paani.

Mashed potatoes and pork.

An extra pillow to hug.

Contributing to your parent's home for the first time.

My first blog which rediff has not deleted yet.

Yes, life is not as bad as I crib about.


Make me strong, and weak.
Give me the courage to run the race, and say no to it.
Give me friends, and keep me detached.
Teach me to laugh, cry, and to feel.
Teach me to let go, and forgive.
Teach me to remember, and thank.
Teach me to avenge.
Help me, to say no, and yes.
Help me, to bend and to be rigid.
Help me to trust, but don’t make me naïve.
Help me learn about new things

And let me be.


Whiskey Maggie

Yup, you read it right.

XLers tend to think that every other person - especially from the IIM-FMS-MDI circuits are as debauched as they are. So when an otherwise normal looking man refuses non veg food, doesn't dance or drink, we take it upon ourselves to reform them.

Two of us decided to reform or corrupt - depending on your POV - this nice young chap - referred to as äKid' from now on - from IIMA. The initial days were difficult - especially if the person in question calls Pirates ofCaribbean-II 'grotesque'. But we toiled and toiled. And toiled some more.

There is just one day left before his banishment to some place where he would not get a house for rent as he is unmarried. We meet up in the company party, and after a good dose of Euphoria, we all are dancing. Even the kid. I stop for a while to stare at this rare phenomenon, only to find him snatch a full glass of whiskey from a colleague of mine and gulpgulpp it down.

"Dude, its not water... its whiskey... " I gently break the news to him.

" I know da."

Shock and awe. I search frantically for my partner in this crime - I have a long history of different antics and different partners for each of them - and tell him about this.

"The Kid has grown up!" We rejoice.

The next day, our Kid is packing up his stuff. There is gonna be no care taker in the guest house it being a Sunday and all. Kid comes over to me, pats my head - how the hell did he find out that I generally relent when someone pats my head? - and asks me :

"Da, make me someMaggiee na..."

Needless to say, I relent.

However, as I am in the kitchen, the other XLer comes over. With a bottle of whiskey n hand. TheMaggiei is almost ready. We both look at each other, and in that implicit understanding that only two lowlife; upto no good people can, he opens the bottle for me and I pour a sizable quantity of whiskey onto theMaggiei.

It is served. Kid eats it, his face happy. It actually tastes good. And once he finishes it, the two of us get ready for the confession.

" Actually.. we added.."

"Vodka? Beer?" he asks.

"Nope dude, whiskey." We sheepishly reply.

addendumm: why do I blog this? Because I miss the Kid and my partner in this crime. And also because the magi did turn out rather well. And my grand boss told me - after I told him this story over dinner one evening - that vodka or wine is usually added to food to give it that extra zing.
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