Lets get back to my favorite subject: Men. First the Yucky stuff: The freaks in Orkut.

What makes people think that I would be interested in adding totally unknown men as my 'friend'? Why, O why; do they think that I would be oh so impressed by their pick up messages and corny teasers? Why do they think that if they say a 'Hi' or comment that I have an interesting profile - News Flash : I DON'T have one, so don't even try that line on me! - I would want to talk to them?

Now the hotty stuff : FIFA World Cup.

Whoever said that women doesn't love football is an idiot. We do love football, or for that matter, any game where fit and virile men wear shorts and run around with funky hairdos. Especially when we are surrounded by beer bellies and balding heads, even a Peter Crouch looks sexy.

We do know the fundas about offside and the yellow and red cards. But still, it is fun to ask a man to explain offside. Last night at a friend's place, we had a dude explain offside using Nokia communicators ( there were a couple lying around ) and a match box. It was actually pretty entertaining. Gals out there, try it out. It makes men make some weird football analogies. Last night it was compared to parking a car in the garage.

Our favorite part of the game is when they score. The antics of men when they kick a ball into a net is pretty much fun to watch. However, the most interesting part is when they take their shirts off - ooops, exchange the jerseys after the match.

Now the sweet stuff : Marathon smses.
It is really sweet when they dutifully reply to your emails and smses, call you up and listen to your smallest details of life, and advice you and cheer for you from the sidelines like big brothers and finally give you a good night kiss - via sms - and push you off to bed.

Now for the cutsy stuff: Wee bit jealousy.

It is very cute when men get jealous, but feel too high-minded to let you know that they are jealous. It is cuter still when they try to put it in such a way that they are not really jealous, but giving you good advice which just happen to tell you to not buy that new male friend of yours any birthday gifts. But the cutest is when they get caught in the act and realize that you have been knowingly needling them and go all incommunicado.

Men! Such a lot of work unfinished, but life would be much duller without them.


Anonymous Anonymous :

the first and last person to say that peter crouch is sexy(accepted that a catch is there).... He is as tall as a giraffe...

10:12 PM  
Blogger raven :

agree with anon. he's not just tall, but even thin ... looks more like a breathing bamboo stick!

you and your taste of men!!!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

better persons will be available in local GYM... u can ogle at them there...

8:41 AM  
Blogger Abdul Bijur V.A. :

you are so the type of girl men love to hate!

by the way saw rajiv on ur orkut pic.. came to the profile cos i thot i knew u from the ntsc camp!

was abt to scrap u .. but thank goodness saw this blog before that! :)

chalo good luck with your football love!

11:15 PM  
Anonymous kiron :

Hmm.. Interesting study of male psychology. Wonder whether you were able to capture it well.

Btw, nice to see ntse links here :)

5:06 AM  
Blogger Salil Kader :

Hey there... that was some assessment ! Had me in splits :) Good one.

5:45 AM  
Blogger cloud9ine :

quoting from the UK show 'Coupling' :

'Why can't you, for once, enjoy a man for what he is, rather than for what you can make him into..?'

'But then, what would be the point in having one?'

one more

'He's a whole buffet of improvability'

2:13 AM  
Anonymous varun :

hey, i can't stop laughing on that peter crouch thing. thanks for it on a boring sunday afternoon :)

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

Men show their character in nothing more clearly than by what they think laughable.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Aurorion :

"What makes people think that I would be interested in adding totally unknown men as my 'friend'?"

Two reasons I can think of:-

1. You have 596 friends in Orkut... And this makes you seem like a real friendly person who likes having friends.

2. Your "about me" section looks like Reverse Psychology; especially with 596 friends. (Maybe you should just tone it down a bit to be more effective...)

By the way, you do have a really interesting profile; and "interesting" is relative. I think it is the most interesting profile I have seen so far on Orkut.

And, recently, I (a totally unkwnown man) did add you as my friend, and you declined. Fine. I just thought a person with 596 friends on a social networking site would not mind a 597th. Sorry.

"Freak" is also relative; but I hope you don't think of me as a freak.

And, happy friendship day!

11:52 PM  
Blogger banished soul :

1. I really am not into ' i friendsheep you' types in orkut. A sense of non-meanness prevented me from compiling all corny orkut pickups and posting them in a public forum. And I really dont think you added me. If you did, you should have identified yourself better.

And yes, I do know all 600 odd of them , and they all have an existence outside my orkut pages. some i met thru blogging, some in school and so forth.

I do not believe in reverse psychology.

If random humans can think that they can just add me as a friend in orkut and expect me to accept the request, I think I can just reject the offer and not feel guilty about it.

Finally, the choice to add - or not add - is mine.

3:11 AM  
Blogger Aurorion :

"Posting a reply here as I dont know how else to reply to you."

Thanks for taking all that trouble to reply. :)

I apologize for adding you then. I thought you were the kind of person who likes to have a bigger number against them in profile searches; and thought you would be happy to have a 0.15% increase in your friends count...

And, as I said, your profile is really cool. (You don't agree, but then, "cool" is relative too...) That's why I added you.

Yeah, I know perfectly well that the choice to add - or not add is yours... And I am cool with that. Absolutely no need for you to feel remotely guilty about it. I posted here not because I was so heartbroken that you declined; but just because you wrote in this blog post that every stranger who adds you in Orkut is a freak, or something to that effect... And also that you had no idea why people added you, inspite of having a "not interesting" profile... I just find both these opinions strange...

As I said, your 'about me' section in my (a "freak" who added you) humble opinion is too negative, that it ends up being positive. Really sounds like Reverse Psychology... From a "freak's" perspective, I think that is what is attracting all "freaks" like me... Just an advice, in case "freaks" trouble you too much. Also, the testimonials don't hurt either... Makes you seem like an intellectual. And I think "freaks" like that too...

BTW, I won't say that your blog rocks, because if I do I think you might just think that I am flirting with you... But it's OK... And I really liked the "My philosophy - in terms of Matrix" post... Keep blogging.

4:45 AM  

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