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I did not have more than two shots of tequilas this weekend. Given my history of weekend binges, this one was sedate by all accounts. But given a choice to relive any of the three weekends that I spent in Gurgaon, this one wins hands down.

That is because you called up. Then you too called up. Funny isn't it; that one person can affect you so much? After a combined phone conversation amounting to 75 minutes - given that we both grunt our news to each other and hang up - I was giddy with happiness. The simple fact that someone calls you up, and talks to you can affect you so much. Yes, it is a scary state to be in, but the highs you get are amazing.

A few days back, I was discussing this with a friend of mine. " Why do I feel so emotional when it comes to my personal life? Why do I become paranoid and crazy when someone doesnot talk to me?? How can I allow others to affect my life so much?? I wish I was as cool and collected in my personal life as in my professional life."

"But why??? Granted, it hurts a lot and it drives you crazy. But then, doesn't it also make you happy? Unless you feel the sadness, how will you feel the joy?"

True. Very True.

Now cut to another conversation. We were talking about a common friend who had to undergo some emotionally hard times. So my friend asks me:

"But why are girls so stupid??"

"Girls are generally stupid when it comes to love."

A Pause.

"Even me."


Cut to another conversation.

"I dont know what I am doing. I am acting like a 14 year old!!"

"It's good that you realize that you are acting like one. And stop being such a drama queen! It's not the end of the world, you know!"

Yup, it is not. And I know it. But it still makes me better when you spell it out to me.


Anonymous Anonymous :

propose to him and get married...as simple as that...btw im jealous....enjoy the golden moments of crush... u never get tired of those things in life

4:51 AM  
Blogger Shadowman :

Philisophy from the Matrix....

"Your mind makes it real"

7:09 AM  

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