Why do you act and feel like a preschooler when you are with your parents?

Why do your grandparents think of you as a baby in a cradle?

How can you enjoy the rains as much as you want anywhere else in the world, but a 3 minute exposure to the rains at home leave you with viral fever?

How come your grandparents are masteros of passive aggressive behavior?

Is it my moms method of oneupmanship - inviting my parents home so that they would irritate me to the core when I constantly remain nice and smiling towards them - [ instead of shouting matches as I have with my mom ] and end up with a migrane?

How come my aadoptee cat [ he adopted me ]knows the exact time I step outside my flat?

Am I going to turn up like my mom and - horrors of horrors - grand mom? Now I understand why a friend told that you should die before 50. Else, there is a very good chance of getting killed or being the reason for other people's nervous breakdowns.

How come the more closer I am to my departure date, the more closer me and my mom get to each other?

When is my fever gonna end?



Blogger ursjina :

u too?..:O..me too..got it twice...wat the mumbai floods couldnt do..our precious kerala rain did smoothly..even had to postpone my joinin date..sob sob!!1

10:34 AM  
Blogger raven :

i agree totally with what ur friend told ye... die by 50. infact formyself, i've got an even shorter target - 45 :)

when r u leaving?

12:35 PM  
Blogger Nikhil Narayanan :

wish u a speedy recovery

PS:Summerz done,me Trivandrum now

3:45 PM  
Anonymous kiron :

ninte pani maaranamenkil njan paranjathu kelkkanam. hospital-il poyodee monkey??

2:03 AM  

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