Gurgaon Vignettes

Friend, on the way to a dinner invitation : "We can call this our rural stint. There are just malls and nothing else here!"

Malls are the magic lamps of Aladdin in Gurgaon. Your basic needs like food, sprits, movies, clothes, jewelries etc. would be provided for in these wonderlands. If you want something beyond these, buddy, best of luck!

Evenings are earmarked for passive smoking. Yup, you heard it right. Having a lot of friends who smoked in the past as an alternative to breathing has made me a passive smokaholic. So much so that like a plant searching out sunlight and moving towards it, I position myself in the best advantageous position to get a whiff of smoke.

I have earmarked my weekends for socializing. Till now, I have socialized with Signora Tequila and Mr. Whiskey. Mr. Cut from Wills Navy also made an appearance. I guess there were some homo sapiens around. I also remember shooting off some drunken mails to some of my friends, which would explain the fact that they have not passed me their new mobile numbers yet.

The other day a friend who has a taste in books called up. He almost had a stroke when I told him that I was then reading the tabloid pages of TOI.

However my company, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to save me from the scorn of my intellectually snobbish friends - "What?? So now you may as well as start reading Sidney Shelton and Mills and Boons! What happened to you??" - and send me to the land of sprawling libraries, rabindra sangeet and second hand bookshops.

City of joy, here we are to meet again!


Anonymous Anonymous :

I feel bad that u drink and smoke

10:03 AM  
Anonymous raunak :

calcutta calling :)

3:29 AM  
Blogger lakshmi :

Why so? On second thougths, why should I be defensive!!
@ surya
Have fun girl.
btw why's stuff bout the new job conspicuously absent?

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Vimal :

The darn atom feed is not working. Can anything be done?

3:18 AM  
Blogger Shadowman :

Where lies thine city of joy?

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

Because it doesnt make sense to drink and smoke for the temporary high(that too when Gals drink theres a high chance of uterus becoming weak and thereby complicating pregnancies) .. Anyways Y shuld I care (u see ppl always exercise their right of doing something stupid and me being chivalrous shuld close my eyes):)(jus like Y shuld u be defensive)???

2:05 AM  
Anonymous indu :

@ shadowman

city of joy is calcutta........

12:12 AM  

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