Au Revoir!

As I get ready to move from inertness to activity tomorrow, here is a thank you note to all those TV channels and shows which kept me occupied through the better part of two months. Without much ado, here is my honor call:

Reality Shows:

Name: My big fat obnoxious fiancée

Theme: About two people trying to get married. However, unknown to the girl, the guy and his family are all actors hired by the show. She has to get her strict all American parents for the wedding.

Glee time: When the groom’s dad [a hired actor] ostensibly take off his undies when he and his family is in a swimming pool with the girl n groom. Her face! Oh my God… her face!!!

Name: America’s next top model

Theme: A set of model wannabes try to survive through weeks of sass of Tyra Banks.

Glee time: When Tyra & the judges pass their comments on the candidates’ snaps.

Name: Beauty & the Geek

Theme: A set of PYT’s and Mensa members are paired up and have to teach each other social skills n rocket science.

Glee time: When the ugliest guy among the group said about him and his partner: “We have chemistry here. Sparks are gonna fly.” Where is your sense of reality dude???

Name: The Cut

Theme: wannabe fashion gurus vie with each other to suck up to Tommy Hilfiger

Glee time: When they run to get the stuff right.

Name: American Idol

Theme: don’t tell me you don’t know!

Glee time: Whenever Taylor Hicks was on stage.


Desperate housewives. Yeah! Show them crazy, nasty, dizzy and paranoid!

Friends: Awwwwwww………..

Comedy Inc.: nice show!

PS: Thanks macha, for introducing me to reality shows through Survivor series.

PPS: Bye bye TV. I am gonna miss you. L

PPPS: This thrash post was influenced to a great extent by my fever. Excuse!


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