Painful History

Today was a painful day in my life. Having gone to the doc to remove a wart underneath my foot, I listened in horrified fascination as the dermatologist explained to me about the cryo-something that he is about to do on my foot. My dad watched me transform from brown to ash to white to yellow as the doc went on explaining, and intervened :

"She is extremely afraid of pain. She tends to pass out when injections are being given."

Mea Culpa. Despite my bravado and penchant in handling slimy creatures, assorted insects, nocturnal beings, dead fish and sea animals, I am extremely uncomfortable with pain. Let me rephrase it. I am so afraid of pain that even the possibility of pain freaks me out. And having a supersized imagination is no help.

However, thanks to the finer needles, for the past three injections, I have not been freaking out. I didn't even pass out. So this time for the cryofreezing [ I remembered the name - yipee!!] I sat on the chair bravely, eventhough it so reminded me of the dentist's chair.

My last encounter with the dentist's chair - for a filler session - had me black out when the doc tried to spray water into my mouth. I was in 2nd year engineering at that time.

This time, I think of my best friend , and keep talking to him in my mind. I always do it now, to prevent me from freaking out or erupting in a violent fit of anger. That boy has the knack of making me keep my cool. I talked to him - in my mind - about my leg, the politics, and the process that the doc is doing. Nothing happened so far. The process is over. I thank the doc, and my friend and god and step out into the reception.

No blood shed, not even a bandage, I'm cool!!!

The next moment, I am giddy, and I sink into the nearby chair. The swooning - to use a Jane Austian term - lasted for five minutes or more. My dad was unfazed at the face of the inevitable, and made me sit there for another half an hour.

The only consolation was that the receptionist thought of me as a highschool student. I walked out of the place before my dad had the chance to tell him that I am a PG owner, but not before he had told him of my swoon history - including the one time in highschool when my BP was being taken.


Blogger Nikhil Narayanan :

reminds me of Ogden Nash's
This Is Going T o Hurt Just A Little Bit
u wud have red it sometime in school


11:12 PM  
Blogger joyofnothing :

Perhaps u shuld a learn lesson or two abt PAIN from captain vijaykanth. See "narashima" for further details.

2:15 AM  
Blogger zonko :

you reminded me of a friend who actually screamed while giving a blood drop for group-testing before donation..

made the nurse fall over in her chair..

yeah this is a Orkut visitor.. (many people seem to hate the same...)

5:42 AM  
Blogger banished soul :

@ nikhil : hadnt read it, but read it now.. and boy! can i empathise with him!!

@Zonko : no i dont hate them. i only hate the special breed who just scrap ' you friendship me?' without having anything to else to say.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :


Greetings from a fellow mallu!...cam here thru ur orkut prof..been reading sm of ur posts...and just thot f saying u have a great style of writing and i love the way u bring in humour...seriously u fainted with the waterspray!!...i almost fell over laughing...keep it up.:-) and btw i hope ur foot is up and running...cheers!

Shirish Nair

10:12 AM  

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