A god book, and a badass author

Another day, another book review. This time, it is A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Non-fiction, and not a happy go lucky tale.

Out of the 514 pages, I have reached page 111. Yet, I type away now, just to tell you that it is easily one of the best books that I have read. And trust me, I have read quite a lot. But no other book has shook me as much as this one, no other book had made me envious as much as this one.

This is how, if I could, I want to write a book. Simple sentences. No lyricsm or poetry. Just the account of every moment, and every feeling. And a clinical objectivity which in its very presence make your throat go dry.

If you suspect that a friend or relative of you may turn out to be an alcohol or drug addict, I suggest that you buy this book for them. If you think that a friend or relative is having a hard time, then I suggest that you buy this book for them. This is the best inspirational book, ever.

And far from the ordinary self help quakery that you find. It celebrates, unintentionally, the dark sprit of human arrogance, the feeling which make us make that one etra step when the world expect us to fall down; and another , and another till we somehow climb out of the abyss.

I suggest you buy this book anyways. Chances are, you are not going to regret it.

NB: I promise that when I finish the book and if my opinion reverse, I will post the revised review here. If this post is not contradicted, then it means that the book is dark rich black chocolate.


***********May 3rd, 2006******************************

That said, as per my promise, I suggest you click on the links given here. But I am a fan of creativity, even in its shittiest form, even if it sticks a knife in me and kicks me to death.


So let us all hear it for Frey, the guru of all copycats. I am not disappointed as the book is a good read, and given that such books sell more, its no wonder the author portrayed him as a victim. However, I am no moral angel. I care only for my pleasure, and if your lie provides me with a hightened sense of awareness, what harm in it for me?

Kavya, atleast lie like this guy does!


Anonymous Anonymous :

You're too cool.I really like you.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Trulyparanoid :

kavya was stupid. cudnt even do editing properly, can understand if a pro is careless and lifts verbatim but a novice doing that is unimaginable.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous kiron :

dey.. aaredey ninakku ivide oru aadharakan? ;) aa comment kandu chodichu poyatha :D

9:22 PM  
Blogger Sandeep Sadanandan :

Why not keep your profile?
I had my tough time to figure out the details. By the way .... am not the usual crack. I had some serious reasons for doing so.

You might be knowing very well that there are quite a lot of "fans" for you. Keep the profile for them. By the way, I am not one among them.

Blog vayikkan rasamundu. Randu entry mathramae vayichittullo.. ennalum ini samayam kittumbol kooduthal vayikkanam ennundu.

- sands.

6:11 AM  

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