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So how do I feel on the lst night ar XL? I miss my friends - or rather, my best friend. he was my secret keeper and personal diary; i used to tell him all the highs and lows of the sitcom called my life and my umpteen crushes... More than the fact that he has left XL, what irks me is the no outgoing calls clause in my cell phone...

I wont be missing my friends, as i usually keep in touch with them... but i will miss the huge raucous group, the arbit conversations and the verbal duals that i had with a bunch of good friends... from many-to-many to one-to-one or one-to-many -- it sucks. :(

I also would be missing the dogs here... never was a mongrel lover before - was afraid of them and only petted pedigreed pooches before coming to XL. However, these dogs with clairvoyant powers somehow wormed their way into my heart. they know when you need them, they are always there for you, and they forgive you if you are mean to them.

I will also miss the freedom I had here. the late nights, the flix screenings, the daaru sessions... i will also miss gh4 [ gh1, 1st floor ] the place where my best friends amongst my batchmates and seniors invariably end up... the place which I claimed as my own.

hittin road 2mrw early mornin.. hope to reach home by 6th or 7th. takin fijord capra n salman rushdie for company... hope their XL-ed daughter doesn't shock my parents too much :)


Blogger Kim :

All the best sweetie at your new role at Nokia.

Life will be different now, but you will always look back at the last 2 years with nostalgia.

You can look forward to bonding with all alumnus across batches just because you studied at XL.

Its a different world out there. But I think XLRI makes you ready for it.

I've linked to your post on my blog.

All the best once again. U know where to contact me :)

1:51 AM  

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