Of you, you and you out there...

Writing testimonials to friends is not exactly a soulsearching moment.
However, when you have nothing better to do at home and think about testimonials, then they begin to make sense.

Actually, it is ridiculously easy. Use a few positive adjectives, add a few smileys, and it can be done. However, when you really want to write something meaningful and publicly viewable, then you sit and start to remember.

Remembering a friend is like looking into yourself. For we become friends with what we are or what we would like to become. We like vicariously through our friends, taking pride in their achievements and indulging their quirks. We remember ordinary times made special by friends and remember more about our life.

Different friends... Some who act as your partners in crime, some who babysit you, and some who are your secret keepers. And as time passes by, each of these roles change - you babysit your secretkeeper, have fun with your babysitters, and keep the secrets of your partners in crime.

In friendship, we discover our soulmates. And we discover ourselves. We make and breaks rules of affection for our friends. We take it for granted that we can look a bit shabbier and crazier in front of them, and are not offended when they act likewise.

Tokens - of calling up at random hours just to talk and provide some company when you are bored, replying to missed calls and foul smses, a yahoo discussion on the societal fabric while plotting to twist a future co-worker into our personal teaboy, promises of journeys to be made together, pity parties and remember when...? Series, times when you both talk simultaneously without stopping for even a breath of air but somehow end up absorbing all information shared, mails which warm your hearts from people whom you seldom meet or have never met, comments left on blogs and webpages - not just 'i friendship make with you' ' you be frank and my friend' type generic stuff, but beyond that, sensing some part of me beyond the web and the webpage...

God knew we could never be perfect. So he made us have friends so that we would feel perfect.


Blogger raven :

i friendship make with you. pls responded yes to me.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

lol :D on Raven's comments
Nice post :D

7:31 PM  
Blogger raven :

resend what?

and vela side... well i'm the king of vela times.... care to join me? :>

12:14 AM  
Blogger Nikhil Narayanan :

Writing testimonials is something that I have been hooked to off late, thanks to summers and all of us friends ending up in various locations....Orkut is a major break! and testimonials are what people are asking for;-p

2:30 AM  
Anonymous AJ :

damn raven beat me to it :) hmmm well looks like you've seen the best of friends that life has had to offer, BS... may it be for all times to come...

10:57 PM  
Blogger Arun Pillai :

when it comes to testimonials, people think abt http://www.orkut.com. That's the influence google's fork ie.,Orkut has on the young crowd.Anyways writting testimonails is on way to express ur mind set of a particular person,either good/bad(but subject to approval) :)

12:33 AM  

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