Chased by the Monsoon

The rain is a mixed blessing.

It came when I first thought of going to the beaches. It has been years since I had been to the seaside, and I wanted to reconnect with that wise lady. But the rain, ever the precocious kid, came in a tantrum and irked her, and now, she would be in too much of a bad mood for a visit.

I did not care much for the rain. Look what you have done now! I admonished with frosty silence. The rain didn't care. She came in a mad frenzy through the nights and chilled me to the core. She even irked the wind, who in a furious swipe of hand tugged at the powerlines and cut the electricity.

" Not fair." I muttered. " Swipe her away. Why deny light to me?"

Another day. Another noon. A friend promised food, and more importantly, company. I left home at noon. After dessert from one place, we walked off to another place for the maincourse. Chicken, with Patthiri as side dish. We had food and talk, and was content.

Outside, like a stealthy kid, rain began her naughty dance. "Shall we walk in the rain? " my friend ventured. " Ofcourse." Said I, and we walked along as if we were enjoying a sunny evening walk. Three book stores later, we were drenched and happy, and certified lunatics by the TVM society.

Back home. As on cue, the rain stops. As suddenly as she has started. But I am not angry. The coolness of rain - much cooler than the tap water which I use for bathing - has lulled me, like the unexpected kiss of an errant child, it has softened me.

"Monsoon.." I whisper " Are you here? "

But the rain has tiptoed away.


Anonymous kiron :

but why again? :-/

3:50 AM  
Blogger Maya Cassis :

ha waiting for the rains

5:20 AM  

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