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One of the rituals on getting a job is to call up your relatives and inform them that you finally got some ROI on your investment for two years.

Those of you who may do so in the future; a word of caution: celebrate first, then call. Especially if you are the pioneer MBA in your imediate family. Otherwise, you may not be left with anything much to celebrate about.

Parents are most effective when it comes to curbing enthusiasm. They can spot the flaw in our perfectly happy scenario in a nanosecond. Moreover, all of use do crave at some level to 'do our parents proud' and their strategic silences, the drawled out "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll..." with a touch of disappointment do deliver karate chops to our self esteem and glee.

They are the best cooks of put-you-downs.

An average B-School student from any of the top ten B Schools in India will agree to this, especially if they have just been placed. Any salary that we earn, is disappointingly less. It doesnot matter if you earn 8 or 10 or even 12 l.p.a, it is always about " Only this much..?" with a quote on how much the average salary of this or that B School the current year is.

It is during times like these that you feel like collecting all the media cell members - current, future and past - of the diferent BSchools and slowly fry them over hell's everlasting fires.

Placement times are times of oneupmanship. Given the tacit understanding of when each college - oops, School ; for some reason, MBAs study in B-'Schools' and 30 something men in Indian cricket team are 'boys' - is supposed to start it's placement, the college that get it's process over first may be highly tempted to inflate the salary figures and job details with an eye on the B School Rankings. And temptation is easy to fall for; leading to inflated salary figures.

The underground network of B Schools perk up and snigger knowledgably - in seeing the difference between the actual and the trumpeted. And the domino effect starts - for each B School is in the run to consolidate and upgrade their rankings - and this leads to inflations and 'selective dissemination of information' all around. But you cannot blame us - yup, even I belong to the to be' fried in hell fire ' group - entirely. The press, always on the lookout for sensationalism in even everyday events, forget to ask the right, probing questions and happily sing "Gloy to Thee" to the press release.

And what with inflation and all, the figures will be inflated again next year.

Now some personal info :

Thankfully, for the past two years, I didnot have to inflate. Our placecom Secy and faculty coordinator decided to give out the real figures for the Summer and Final placements. [ Bless you guys!] Our average [ with the normal definition of statistical average being applied to the term ] is slightly below my annual CTC. Hence after one week and 5 irate phone conversations, and a copy of the press release being mailed to my parents with the phone number of our Placecom Prof appended [ sorry sir! :"> ] so that they could check the information from the source, I was able to convince my parents that I did well, by all counts.

But I do wonder at times if it is more because of our slightly different positioning [HR-centric] in the minds of the people.Would we have held to our horses if we had been into general management, and not run by Jesuit Priests??

I would rather not think about it.


Blogger DD :

Bloody makes u wonder y u got into a top B-school at all! I still face the problem with my jr batch's to psal being more than ten times what I earn now :)

8:08 AM  
Anonymous AJ :

you mean you were in it for the MONEY!!!???? :O hehehehehehe.. well its a thin line between ur parents being concerned that your not gettin enuf for ur potential..and your parents feeling that your pay packet/company is embarassing to quote to the neighbours. I hope to god not many experience the latter.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Maya cassis :

parents and relatives are a real yawn.how much ever cool we try to act they still manage to climb on some nerve.those peeps!!!

ps- i have a friend named Surya too and she is a girl.i didn't think it was a guy's name.infact i think it's a lovely name for a gal:)

12:14 PM  
Blogger Kim :

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Sorry, it took a couple of days but March is a mad month.

Also linked to this post on my blog.

5:30 AM  

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