I wish I'd know how to quit you.

Came back from the enemylines, and miss that place.

If not for the mutual hatred between me and Mathematics, i would have belonged to there. I would have sat there on the lake-shore, watching the sun and the moon being reflected in the water, all in a world to myself, with maybe a cat on my lap and my hands encircling a dog.

May be I should not think about that place with such fondness. Wherein lies your loyalties? - my clansprit admonishes me. But if I like all things XL, then I should like all things IIMC too, for they are the yang to our ying - similar, with parallel outlooks and attitudes. So much so that it prompted my IIMC friend to pitch for me joining XL - in case I didn't get into A, B or C [ Maths saw to it that I didn't.].

Ancient wisdom has it that the average XL-IIMC encounters of the close proximity kind either ends up in (1) Bitter rivalry (2) Great friendships (3) Enduring marriages. Surprised? Well, don't be. A relationship which started after the parties involved abused each other with the choicest words can only go better. And the many marriages that had happened down the ages stand testimony to that hypothesis.

But none of that matters now. Whichever place offering solitude and select human company appeals to the loner in me, to the person that I am fast turning into. The campus was green. Not the artificial greenery of genteel sophistication, but the natural, melancholic green. I would definitely wont mind teaching there someday, as then it would mean going back to that campus.

Met a few people there. Some are friends. Some were acquaintances. Some are to be my future colleagues.

Went around Calcutta. The city about which I had read the most. And it did live up to my expectations. I felt at home there, a sense of happy deja vu covering me up in a safety blanket. Loved the colors, the hustle and bustle of the city, the old buildings and even the Bengali script which is so artistic.

It was not fun being there. I am past the stage when I want fun. I want peace of mind, tranquility and a sense of being alive. and these I did get in that trip - thanks to you [ and you know who you are!] .

My ideal campus building belongs to my Summer's Home - IIMB. Built by a person with a child's intuition for all things magical, it was a veritable Hogwarts. But then what is Hogwarts without the lakes? That building, with its stone walls and creepers which form natural curtains, should have been set on the shores of the five lakes. And it would be the magical nook within my mind, where I will watch innumerable sunrises, with Doink and Chatrapati for company.

Campus seemed very small and noisy after the lakes. I want to go back, just sit on the lakeside, just sit at the balcony watching the subtle change of time with a good book and some great music. And maybe have some of that divine parathas.

XL, forgive me for my transgression, for I know I have sinned, in giving a piece of my heart to the 5 lakes.


Blogger LI :

Well , A and L are even better . L is huge and intimidating and A's campus is just lovely . But not as panoramic as the campus of IIM K in god's own country

10:14 AM  
Blogger LI :

Hey Surya , You can take free templates from http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/ and customise . HTH :-D

1:22 AM  
Blogger LI :

You don't have to be so formal in linking .XL gals and media people I know are not at all formal .-Whatever - i am giving u a tag :-D

1:25 AM  
Blogger Prayank :

well gr8 to read abt someone liking our campus so much ... i must say although i love C's campus but i had never thought abt it in this way

and ya thnx for dropping a comment n valentines wish on my blog ...

10:47 AM  

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