Requeim for a month : Tears shed and lessons learnt

The saddest part is to say no to love when you know you do not want to end up hurting the person who loves you so much... and end up doing that anyways.

The good thing about having friends involved is that once it goes kaput, you can always surreptiously check on the other person via them. Affairs do not have this luxury.

If you really love your parents, you shouldn't be not just not doing in public things which hurt them. Refrain in private too. That is called sacrifice and being dutiful. The 'if you don't see it, it wont hurt you attitude is just cheating.

The person who initiates the walkout or the break-up also suffers... the loss of company combined with a major guilt complex is such a kicker for depression.

Friends do make a diference. To tell you that they just want you to be happy, to take you out for lunch, to once give you priority over their boyfriend and get you a neembu paani... and to allow you to wake them up from their sleep and cry your heart out in front of them.

In the duel between love and friendship, I fall for friendship; hook, line and sinker. As for love; someday I will be ready for him.


Blogger raven :

Friendship __ Love?

why does it have to be and 'OR', why cant it be an 'AND'. Its as much a question to myself as to you.

BTW, what gave the fellow such an idea?! Email ur contact number... wanna talk.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Baliga :

friendship gets my vote 2 anyday! ... and yeah it can be love and friendship... but more often than not they donot go hand in hand.

3:28 AM  
Blogger raven :

news does travel fast! Who was the source this time?

Thanks >:D<

5:09 PM  
Anonymous AJ :

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:55 PM  
Anonymous AJ :

oops :) yes , madame BS , my golden words were "this too shall pass" :P

6:01 PM  

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