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How do you tell people that you broke up? Or about such potentially TNTic stuff which is actually your pvt life, but which will nevertheless affect your dynamics with those around you?

13th Feb, 12:05 AM, Classroom. My cell phone vibrates to herald a sms. I grab it as the last chance to win my battle with sleep. A friend has wished me a great Valentines Day with my loved one. I smsed back, saying there is no relationship anymore, I'm single and happy, and in a class and sleepy.

Regarding this episode, I generally do it like this:

Me: Hi!
Friend : Hi!
Me : Oh, btw, me and AA broke up!
F: Awwww... why?
Me : We are too different for each other [ insert ur big fake smile here, as if taking the decision to break up was the best thing you have ever did ]
F : Are you ok?
Me : Yes. [ repeat the smile ]

The conversation is the only way in which my galpals will stop asking me about how things are going between us, and junta will stop telling me where he is at the precise time I meet them. I often reply with a 'Oh' <> and go the opposite way.

It is not that I don't miss having a relationship. It provides you with a huge sense of security. But then, that is not enough for me. I also need space in a relationship, a guy who is confident enough and patient enough to be my man. As one friend so aptly put it "You feel so kiss starved!" I'm not a fan of kisses, but hugs would be nice! And the media circus called Valentines Day sucks; totally.


Blogger raven :


9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

Any plans to revive mixeduplibrary?


7:27 AM  
Blogger ursjina :

This time Im sending you not just a basket..make it dozens of baskets of hugs...

Well, I guess its mostly not what we feel but what others feel about you makes you more miserable..sometimes I really think..Why do have to people bother so much on supposdely caring you...hey back off, I am fine without ur consolations...

And you deserve a pat on the back gal..u kno wat is best for u :)

11:04 AM  
Anonymous rocksea :

lol. the idea of proclaming one broke up, is it akin to saying that he/she is single n looking again :O

hey have a nice time. we have sobs for you. society of broken hearts. invited!

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :



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Blogger cloud9ine :

the 'how do i tell' dilemma reminds me of a joke where an army captain who bluntly delivered bad news to soldiers was sent to special training to ease the delivery..

and then, he comes back and there comes a time when he must tell a soldier his mother is dead. So he calls everyone onto the field and asks everyone with a mom who's alive to step forward.. A second later, he says, 'Not so fast, Smith.'

Anyway, i see the point.. maybe u cud use 'banner on the forehead' or have friends work up the grapevine..

1:24 AM  
Anonymous AJ :

welll the guys at campus here decided to crash a bar on valentines...heres the theory that came outta that :

" Human's need to procreate. in order to weed out the singles , and encourage couples, our social forefathers created V day. its to force the single ones to either suicide in self depression, or run upto any available creature and try to hit on them. but we , the alcoholically enhanced realize the futility of this...BALLS TO V DAY!!" :D

10:28 AM  

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