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One thing which always strike you is the number of 'good friends' around. They are always there for each other, complimenting and supporting the other person. They move around together, they bloom in the others presence. They understand each other like none can, and the chemistry that they share between them is awesome. They can tell each other anything, and their transgressions are forgiven, and most importantly, understood.

why then, are they not in a relationship?

If a relationship is supposed to provide love and support, which many of these relationships do, then what is preventing them from being a couple?

Asked around, and got some answers. Who am I to judge them? I grieve for those unborn relationships, that great love lost which could have made the world a much more happier place.

These, are the tombstones of those aborted loves.

"A relationship complicates things. Expectations are high, and it leads to petty quarrels and breakups. I cannot bear to loose her from my life like that. As a friend, I am always there."

"Look at me... and look at him... We two are entirely different... he will never like a woman who looks like me..."

"I would always love him... and will always have a soft corner for him... But do you know how much of an MCP he is? "

"A relationship? Pagal hai kya? He is of a different cast!"

"She is elder to me... My parents wont allow... "

"I am not an immoral person... I wont cheat on my boyfriend... "

"My girlfriend helped me a lot in college... eventhough I have changed, it is not fair to dump her now... I have to hold on... "

"First I had a boyfriend.. and he proposed and I said no... Now he has a girlfriend... and I am single. But.... "

Stranger, with me, do shed a perfect tear on this cemetery.


Blogger raven :

a relationship makes everything compulsory. The commitment ensures that everything I earlier did to/for her out of my liking/mood now has to be done irrespective of anything else. Another factor that kicks in is that the moment one good friend becomes special, it usually means having to distance the others. So, why not have a few good friends and live happily around them than have one special one and no other close person around?

~another MCP view :>

9:29 pm  
Blogger raven :

and haan... this template's slightly better than tht last one!

10:59 pm  
Blogger cloud9ine :

nope.. no shedding a tear.. maybe it's the simple argument of 'a bird in the hand..' I, for one, know several friendships that got totally spoilt coz someone thought it'd be great to cement it in a relationship contract.

I am not totally against gr8 frnships turning into r'ships.. In cases where this happens, great for them and great for all their close friends.. coz there comes a household in future where both people know you. But for those friendships that still stay as gr8 friendships, it's better off that way..

PS : On second thought, I shud shed a couple tears for those that are in 'thrishanku swargam' coz you got nowhere and in the end, it's even awkward to face each other..

7:28 pm  
Blogger dxb prasad :

hi. me from dubai. browsed thru ur postings, felt nice to read ur mind and feelings.

i'm going away abroad on a biz trip but will write about marriage n other relationships on return.

in the meantime, wud u like to browse thru my blog? if u visit, pls do leave me ur mindprint, it will help me, for sure, to write.


5:41 am  
Blogger Anna :

i think relationships evolve naturally... even then, i stand with you and do shed that tear...
because i have also often thought of these unborn lost loves...
and yet, i know of several greeeaaat friends who are currently (touch wood) in love as well... good for them...

7:29 am  
Anonymous J.Kesh :


12:51 am  
Blogger Shadowman :

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