In the shadows

The idea of a gothic ID like banished soul was two fold:

  1. To emanate vibes of coolness via blogosphere. Banished and soul are the keywords of deep thought and gives an indication of our existential agonies and transcendental realities and subsequent reconciliations [ whew!]
  2. To remain anonymous on blogosphere.
Hence, please do not use my name when leaving comments. Any such comments, alas, will have to be deleted. Aj, pls reenter the comment na.. :P

PS: Ever noticed that my Blog name's initials are BS?? :P
PPS: Doing fine, never been better!


Blogger ursjina :

hey hey..well i can prove u wrong on anonymity...a person with keen observation skills can find it out can just find it out by looking at the link..But then anonymity is again a very subjective term...arent we all anonymous???...

10:45 PM  
Blogger Anna :

i think she is right... it really is obvious... and even more so when a lot of your friends have linked you with your name... :-)
i'm just a lost soul... came upon your blog by a happy mistake...
nice blog by the way... :-)

12:35 AM  

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