Which of us?

"Which of us do you like better?"
"Well... That is tough to say... How can I choose between you two? It's impossible."

"Oh C'mon! You can live without love. Haven't you? It was I who made you happy then, remember? I stood by you and gave you strength. Love had always made you cry in the end. He is so fickle."

"Big Deal!! You know how you missed me when I was not there. Friendship can never replace me. I am the best, and you know it."

" What a joke! She was lonely when her friends went away. YOU did nothing to make her happy. She needs her friends to be happy. But she can live without you..."

"Well.. That IS true... I have lived without love, and often loved and lost..."

"Bah! As if she has friends for life! Friends come and go in her life... and she has many friends.. But love.. Ah.. You can have only one person for that."

"Guys... Guys... I hate to say this, but you both are wrong."

"WHAT??? No way... "

"Listen... I love my friends... and want my lover to be my friend. I appreciate it when friendship sees to it that I dance a lot and spend time with love.. and it makes me happy when love is endorsed by friends. I am a person with different likes... So I need different friends. Also, I need someone to call my own... In the same way, I appreciate it when love encourages my friendships and forge new ties with them."
"But still... If asked to choose? "

"Oh.. Then I will say friendship..."

"But why?"

"I can have many friends.. Each catering to that special gleam within me; helpin to convert it into a blazing glory. It is the most unselfish act of relationships... You can be with as many as you can.. It never gets divided... and you can walk off whenever you want...

But I need love to complete my happiness."


This year, I was blessed with love and friendship. Love came without knocking, when I was reveling away to glory with friendship. And friendship was gracious enough to feel happy for me, encouraging me to hang on and to go that extra mile. I have been meeting my long lost friends again, and nothing can beat the happiness I feel when hearing from them. I made new friends online, and over a short period, they have become permanent members of my clan of kindred souls.

And love, with an indulgent smile, looks on.

I did not win any case studies. Or gold medals. Or became the class topper. But looking back, this year gave me one of my closest friends - I can tell him everything [ proof? coz I have said and we are still friends ] - and that someone I feel all giddy inside thinking about. I have heard about love hating friendship or friendship breaking off with love. Frankly, I was apprehensive.

But, love wants to be friends with friendship. And friendship likes love.

Thank you, 2005.


Blogger ursjina :

Congrats..n congrats for me too..i managed to comment first on kd's post too..i know to be happy on such a silly thing is stupid..but i am...hehe...

I think we are almost on the same boat with minor destination changes

6:21 PM  

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