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Today was a mixed bag. First my brother calls up - there are ties stronger than blood, you know - and tells me about how he finally asked her and she accepted. Even her parents accepted! Now only his mom has to agree to this - which I am pretty sure she will - his dad, brother and sister-in-law already okay with it. He also got into a decent MBA program, at the end of which he will be getting a good job.

Then my friend sends me a cute greeting card, a little "buck up!" for the placement season. The laterals have just started. Went for my first company and didn't get through. I have a hunch of why - my not so great CQ and lack of exposure to places outside Kerala - in that order.

I am glad that my friends got through. I hope they accept it; as it would mean two more people away from the fray. I am particularly in a sulky mood as I had to wait the most - was the last one; wasted 4 hrs which I could have spent watching a movie+reading a book+studying for my quiz tomorrow, and also had to deck up for the process in a coat and suit. My feet still hurts from wearing those ridiculous contraptions called formal shoes.

The only advantage of LRP is that there is no group discussion - the sham of all shams - to select people. I guess I want to get placed in LRP so that I can sit out the mad frenzy of CRP.

Yet to start studying for the quiz. Cannot even go out for a possible treat or treat myself - lots of portions to cover.

Seesh, I hate it when this happens. Why didn't I back off in the beginning itself? Wasted hours, a cranky me, and a quiz looming huge tomorrow.

Gee, I hate to ask for it, but I need a hug.


Blogger raven :

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8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

All the best.


10:11 PM  
Blogger ursjina :

lots n lots of hugs..sendin a huge basket full of em...
N once u r in..u dont have to worry about those contraptions..remember ther r souls waitin to c u in electric pink..hehe..u can do it gal..if not u..who can..all the best

3:59 AM  
Blogger raven :

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8:22 AM  
Blogger Gautam Ghosh :

here you go

(((((((((hugs)))))))) !!

which other firms are coming for LRP?

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Satheesh :


8:33 AM  

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