Leaving aside world peace and finding the meaning of life, I take a hard look at the small small things in life. Atleast for me, the bigger things are easier to do but my happiness lies in the smaller ones. This is not a all new factory fresh list; it is more of a reminder to hold on to what I really enjoyed / always wanted to do this year.

  1. Complete horse riding classes - despite the primadona horses and pain on the butt.
  2. Do abstract paintings on the wall whereever I live for more than one month. Its an amazing thing, try doing it sometime!
  3. Cook more often. I have found out that I love cooking, especially for my loved ones. And stop always trying to get them to clean up after me.
  4. Eat more fruits and cut on the colas.
  5. Read one book a week.
  6. Always have some flowers in my room.
  7. Do fabric painting.
  8. Never miss a chance to watch a Tamil movie with the gang [ you know who you are, and I had an amazing time! ]
  9. Blog atleast once a week.
  10. Write more.
  11. Combining 2 & 9, do something creative every month.
  12. Color my hair electric pink or blue - ofcourse, after I clear a job interview and sign on the dotted line!


Blogger ursjina :

All the best for all that..and yes for the job interviews...I would do anything to see you in electric pink or blue....

7:58 PM  
Blogger Baliga :

hey happy new year... and continue blogging ..love your posts. tc. best of luck with the resolutions and job interview.

2:37 AM  
Blogger raven :

totally agree with ursjina. point 12 is my favourite too!! :)

closely following are numbers 2, 5, & 9

~not too eager to eat a bschool gal's cooking though :>

12:24 PM  
Blogger kd :

I like 9 the best. :D. But you have to do 12... i want to be a great cook too! but no kitchen to practice in now. :(
All the best with the resolutions

10:42 PM  

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