Lemonade, Anyone?

Life is handing me lemons left and right. So, in the spirit of the cool lemonade of Dadu's [ the omnipresent teashop at a corner of XLRI, which have been there from time immemorial ] take a seat and sip on....

The first lemon happened sometime during September. That was the day when my project manager - the maverick who moved from consultants to internal HR - took a flying leap into the job fray. Without him to back me, my PPO went down the drain...

Now comes the D company - no, not the D company, but one of the people who are paid for their opinions. The equation was somewhat as follows: lazy girl + too much philosophy = freaked out recruiters and no job offer.

Then the next company came. It had a certain saambar rasam look to it. Went looking like a dish, but they preferred the person with the D offer and chose her.

Now the story picks up speed. In comes the man who is always right. Having just the ego levels of a pop tartlet, he pitches about his company, bullshits other companies and play blatant favoritism with the candidates who are sitting there all at once. We roll our eyes at each other, giggle and stare in disbelief.

Now for the process. One entire day, we are asked to wait around. Some of us miss our classes. The blatant wooing, ignoring the children of lesser Gods, continues. Sometime through the process, something inside me snapped.The good news is we know what we want. The bad news is we are too blunt in putting it forth. The worst news is the geezer trying to bore us to death.

So, that is about it. It is good fun, speaking your mind out. I am flunking the processes, but having a great time in doing it.

And what make you think I will sell my soul to you?

NB: Being the irrational human being that I am, I wanted to join the geezers company because of two of my very good friends working there...

After 45 minutes, I am fine. At peace. I guess the idea of a job offer is not at all different from a symphony of wooing. It is about who gets to say 'No' at first. Even if the company says that it wants me, I might say no. But then, if the company rejects first, then my chance for a 'No' is dimnished and I resent that blow to my ego. As long as ego lives long, atleast for now, I am happy. And I know the right thing in telling what I did and indirectly striking my name off the list.

Ke sera, sera. Actually it is a nice day, two people who mean a lot to me got job offers; that too in places where they will have some time left to spend on themselves.

And now to the geezer's recruits : may you have the strength to withstand his verbal diarrhea! :)


Anonymous Anonymous :

"geezer" might represent the company, but he is not the company.

dream job + dream salary + preferred location + all your friends working in the same company = startup (well, forget the salary part :-))

All the best


11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

Isn't all of life a race to be the first one who gets to say no..?

And I wonder if objectivism doesn't in some way relate to this as well..?

And yes, I'd like the lemonade.. with salt please


7:47 PM  

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