Galt and Roark wannabes...

Ayn Rand's protagonists are humans who have defined their own reality. Like the guy in Anthem, they build up their own definitions and rules. The only thing that differentiates the and the "wannabes" is the fact that they are prepared to live with the aftereffects of their thought.

If I am to follow Rand's philosophy, then I have to disown whatever she says. I have to find my reality based on what I feel within me. I use the word feel as it is that first illogical sprout of thought which guides all our actions, and all further logic is based on it. Roark and Galt didn't care about "serving the world" because at some point of their lives, their minds rebelled and told them to discard the conventional wisdom. They did not have any ideal figurines to look up to; they chose not to sit and discuss the motives and ways of others, they did what they felt compelled to do; they knew the world through their actions.

Ayn Rand herself often didn't follow her philosophy of dispassionate objectivism. [ search wikipedia for an ironical account of how she cut off her ex-lover for cheating on her with another woman and turned him a pariah. ] It is because the combination of the people with such sterling qualities are difficult to find - superior intellect, a fanatical approach to one's work, wealth [ or friends/girlfriends with money] and an ability to completely disregard the opinions of others.

We are having a Rand play - night of January 16th - out here at the end of the month. Obsessing about the script threw up an interesting observation : If we read about a guy who swindles others money and stage his death to get away with it, our kneejerk reaction would be to condemn him. However, as it is Rand's characters; we love them and are on their side.

IMO, if there is a real Galt or Roark out there, s/he will be too busy doing what s/he wants to do to participate in discussions like this. They are the leaders who come up with things that we never thought of as never thought of, and the rest of the world either follows them or despises them.

But they are, never to be ignored.


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