Frayed at the edge

I really do not know what happened.

I thought we were a team. Close enough to laugh out loud at silly things and share many lazy afternoons. To go out on impromptu trips and come back laden with bags. T o share gossip in that deliciously sweet manner which only girls can.

So what happened to us?

We do not talk that much anymore. Even when you visit the others, you hardly come over. Your excuse is my privacy. But don't you know that your company is also dear to me?

And you; what is it with you? We too used to have a lot of good time, shared lunches on open hotel terraces where we talked about everything and nothing. What has changed now? How come you drop in n the others, but doesn't care to say even a 'Hi' anymore.

I am having difficult times. And I need you my friends, to coast me out as you know me far longer, far thoroughly and far unglamorously than my present company. And love can never ever replace my need for my friends or your presence in my life.

So the next time you are planning to go out; give me a call. Any time you plan to eat the dead body of a mammal or bird, count me in. And do drop in; plenty of times.

For the wise one has been doing just that, being there for me without being obvious. Apparently you are not her, but it doesn't not absolve you of being not there for me.

My friends, I need you. Remember me in your ordinary moments, those which you had shared with me in the past and made me feel special.


Blogger lakshmi :

looks like my turn to say take care :)
hang in there darling.. just one of them times.
And they never last too long.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous AJ :

hmmm friendship seems more fickle than love at times, doesnt it? :) hold on, the lost sheep usually come back...if lost, mourn them, but don't pine for them. Take care, my friend.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Kush :


6:10 AM  

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