You are being rude to me when....

You expect me to respond to your Yahoo buzz.
Unless you left a message for me along with the buzz, there is no need for me to reply to you. Also, it would be a good idea to remain online so that I can see you and reply to your buzz.

You spam me with umpteen group messages.
Unless we belong to the same class or group, there is no excuse in spamming me. So please organize your yahoo messenger list into groups so that I do not get message which have no remote connection to me.

You send me links which have malware at the end of it.
It wasn't funny; and it is not funny now. I resent wasting my time restarting my comp due to some stupid malware and cursing you to plague.

You do not reveal your identity.
I really have a wider social circle than you think. If your handle is "stupididiot11234" then I expect you to first introduce yourself to me, and in detail.

You don't respect the 'Busy' sign.
I put that sign up for a reason: I want to be left alone. Unless it is something really important to the two of us; please do not message. With the Busy signal, please state your purpose at the very first message.

You think I am your servant.
Me having an online messenger doesn't mean that I have to be at your beck and call. I have the freedom to ignore your buzzes and messages.

You give me missed calls with no followup messages.
Master the art of SMS; and use it to message me if I do not respond to your call on my cell.

You want to play guessing games with me on messenger / phone.
I don't care for guessing games. Period. Take your perverted mindgames somewhere else, you freak.

You think I am " frank & open minded".
This may come as a surprise to you, but I didn't join any of the webcommunities to hook up with / chat with random strangers. Please introduce yourself to me if we do know each other. And yes, I am neither frank nor open minded.

You think I do not have enough friends.
I do! And I really don't like messages saying " I want to be your friend" - I think they are stupid as friendship is not a project; it is something which happens naturally.

I do have a sizable number of online friends- mostly of the opposite gender - people whom I got to know through their webpages, blogs et al... and whom I had met after being fast friends with them, and some I have never even met. But creeps who act like the instances mentioned above; those I can do without.


Anonymous Satheesh :

Hi, I was waiting 4 ur next item .thnk god I got it today...Let me read it...till then dont make noice ...shshhhhhhhh

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

WOW, that was in your face

7:45 AM  
Blogger Nikhil Narayanan :

Hey Surya
Me was wtng for something good from u...
U rock da....
Good work...

5:58 AM  
Blogger Baliga :

second all that was written !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was a very informative post. hope the creeps online took note.

3:17 AM  
Blogger kd :

Completely .. wholeheartedly.. agree.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Jithu :


7:02 AM  
Anonymous baliga nikhil :

is that baliga nikhil

8:19 AM  

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