2005 have been the year of reconnecting. All round the year, around every nook and corner, I came across some wonderful people whom I had met, and lost touch, over the years. Nothing gives you more pleasure than to stumble across those wonderful people whose company you really enjoyed.. and to discover that you like their new avtars even better.

Some valuable finds this year:

The Girl:

She was more like a little sister to me in my school days. We went together for quizzes, elocution competitions... But somehow, the fact that we were from two rival schools never mattered. Our friendship was a sort of holier than thou thingy - there was some instance of political correctness it it - or was it that we both were such nerds??? [ Seeeesh.... ]Lost touch with her after sometime, now, she is here - better, wiser, stronger and sassier. And my! Don't I love it!!!

The Painter :

I had a major crush on this guy's paintings. [ The cultural scenario was such that having a crush on a guy junior to you was a cardinal sin, so I never thought of that. ] I still love his paintings - or rather, the memory of them. One pet peeve of mine was the fact that we were never really friends back in school. And one day I find him in www, all grown up and much wiser and sadder, now seducing words effortlessly. [ But I still prefer his paintings!]. On second thoughts, any attempt at friendship b/w two precocious young things would have ended back then in life long rivalry. Thankfully, later is definitely better in this case.

The Lady:

I cannot think of her as anything else. She was the total antithesis to me - calm, composed, diligent. Came across her recently. She looks the same, but looks can be very very......

The Senior:

This guy was the one of the very few who had dreams in my engineering college - among those I knew. Good dreams. Big dreams. Tried to bring some sense of professionalism to our college, but did not really succeed. The first egotist I recognized as such. Has he ever read Ayn Rand? One of the things which I remember him for is the awesome 90kmph bike ride for arnd 2 hrs that we had to attend a quiz competition. The journey by itself was great - I love high speed - and the fact that we won it makes it all the more special.

The Studious:

He was my arch nemesis. My parents wanted me to follow his example of studying, being sensible, serious and diligent. I freaked out big time on those, especially the being sensible part. Candid Confession : I used to have some perverse pleasure in beating him during quizzes, as that was my only way of validating my superiority over him. Despite all that, he was/is a sweet, nice guy, ready to help. And with a good sense of humor - but not very discernible. Met him a few days back on orkut, and I am a much more happier person. Yayee!

The Booze:

The first time I met him, I somehow wanted to know him better. My antenna for eccentricity was working overtime I suppose. However, it was not until this year that I really got a chance to do that. And had a good time too in IMP. Wit and sarcasm are his forte, and also movies :) This too is a case of getting better with age.

Ok then. These are a few people. I have discovered quite a many others too, waiting for them to reply, and until then, adios!


Blogger lakshmi :

couldnt help wondering if you were referring to common friends/acquaintances..the women ie..didnt want to guess out aloud ..but would love to get back in touch with them myself.

11:05 PM  
Blogger ursjina :

hehe...somehow dat post makes me mindbogglingly happy...It feels good to have you back...like seeing a rainbow...U made my day!!!!

2:48 AM  
Blogger lakshmi :

i dont think u know the gurl :)
was thinking divya ;)

the lady wz kanchana... touch base with her via my orkut page... :)
been there, done that, already.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous raven :

rocking girl!! not the post... i was refering to the disclaimer :>

3:07 PM  

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