A perfect Day

It felt wonderful to wake up just by yourself, without the mobile alarm rushing you off to neverending work.

Stared at the laoptop screen, then played some more spider solitaire. Read up a few good movie scripts from web - movies which I may not have otherwise watched - and saw the movie Ground Hog Day.

Ani buzzes, askes if I would like to go to Sakchi. It is the more haphazard market but hey, I have all the time in the world today. I stretch my limbs, get my rooms cleaned out, and write a cheque to withdraw money from the bank.

It was a nice day there too. Not too many lines, a few nice known faces which spread some wholesome small talk and smiles. Now walk over to the wall dividing us from Jubilee Park, and jump over.

Today was a busy day at the wall. A fifth standarder and her younger brother were also on the line. First them, then us. The park was in full bloom, or may be it was just the way the sunlight was flirtng with the colours.

We stood at the same old place where I had stood with Macchan for many a VFM [ value for money in bizbuzz, cheap in common parlance ] journeys to south indian food. Presently we reach Sakchi, and the shopping begins. After some more VFM experiences, we go to the hotel where we would be meeting Lash and Gaya. Soon news flows back and forth. It has been almost 3 months when me and Lash and Anitha nad a good chat. But no matter. We are rooted deep; and many announcements and congratulations later, we decide to split up.

I flick the rose flower on the vase on the table, yielding to the temptation. The waiters discretly turn away their eyes. I further yield to my weak side, wanting to visit the old books market. We go their, me bargaining, but LAsh looking too lost; both to the art of bargaining and to the books there.

Ani and Gaya split, coming back later with roses for us. We grin, count our bounty of Nat Geo, Elle, and the like for Lash's collages, Archies, Dame Agatha and Spaceman Spiff for me, and a whole load of do you remember stories brought back by Enid Blyton books on sale. I do not want to buy anymore, I plan to go back there with Abhi and get him do the dirty deed of feigning shock anfd surprise at the prices for me.

The roses are fresh, beautiful. We accept our flowers graciously, thanking the girls with many smiles. I guess red roses are more to be passed to you by boyfriends than dosths, but I am happy with this arangement. Me and Ani hop on to an auto, whose driver mouths a sensible sum, for a change. We relax back, reach XL and head for our rooms. I find that the movie download is complete, and the print is good.

And just in a flash, I realise that this was a happy day, a perfect day for me, one that made me happy, with the simple pleasures which sparkle around you and finally settle in your eyes and smile; the ones which linger around like a wiff of perfume...



Blogger kd :

Wish you a year like this ahead..

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Satheesh :

Wish you a happy Christmas and New year

9:44 AM  
Blogger Jithu :

hey, wishing u and ur family a merry christmas and a happy new year!

11:22 PM  

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