Which of us?

"Which of us do you like better?"
"Well... That is tough to say... How can I choose between you two? It's impossible."

"Oh C'mon! You can live without love. Haven't you? It was I who made you happy then, remember? I stood by you and gave you strength. Love had always made you cry in the end. He is so fickle."

"Big Deal!! You know how you missed me when I was not there. Friendship can never replace me. I am the best, and you know it."

" What a joke! She was lonely when her friends went away. YOU did nothing to make her happy. She needs her friends to be happy. But she can live without you..."

"Well.. That IS true... I have lived without love, and often loved and lost..."

"Bah! As if she has friends for life! Friends come and go in her life... and she has many friends.. But love.. Ah.. You can have only one person for that."

"Guys... Guys... I hate to say this, but you both are wrong."

"WHAT??? No way... "

"Listen... I love my friends... and want my lover to be my friend. I appreciate it when friendship sees to it that I dance a lot and spend time with love.. and it makes me happy when love is endorsed by friends. I am a person with different likes... So I need different friends. Also, I need someone to call my own... In the same way, I appreciate it when love encourages my friendships and forge new ties with them."
"But still... If asked to choose? "

"Oh.. Then I will say friendship..."

"But why?"

"I can have many friends.. Each catering to that special gleam within me; helpin to convert it into a blazing glory. It is the most unselfish act of relationships... You can be with as many as you can.. It never gets divided... and you can walk off whenever you want...

But I need love to complete my happiness."


This year, I was blessed with love and friendship. Love came without knocking, when I was reveling away to glory with friendship. And friendship was gracious enough to feel happy for me, encouraging me to hang on and to go that extra mile. I have been meeting my long lost friends again, and nothing can beat the happiness I feel when hearing from them. I made new friends online, and over a short period, they have become permanent members of my clan of kindred souls.

And love, with an indulgent smile, looks on.

I did not win any case studies. Or gold medals. Or became the class topper. But looking back, this year gave me one of my closest friends - I can tell him everything [ proof? coz I have said and we are still friends ] - and that someone I feel all giddy inside thinking about. I have heard about love hating friendship or friendship breaking off with love. Frankly, I was apprehensive.

But, love wants to be friends with friendship. And friendship likes love.

Thank you, 2005.



2005 have been the year of reconnecting. All round the year, around every nook and corner, I came across some wonderful people whom I had met, and lost touch, over the years. Nothing gives you more pleasure than to stumble across those wonderful people whose company you really enjoyed.. and to discover that you like their new avtars even better.

Some valuable finds this year:

The Girl:

She was more like a little sister to me in my school days. We went together for quizzes, elocution competitions... But somehow, the fact that we were from two rival schools never mattered. Our friendship was a sort of holier than thou thingy - there was some instance of political correctness it it - or was it that we both were such nerds??? [ Seeeesh.... ]Lost touch with her after sometime, now, she is here - better, wiser, stronger and sassier. And my! Don't I love it!!!

The Painter :

I had a major crush on this guy's paintings. [ The cultural scenario was such that having a crush on a guy junior to you was a cardinal sin, so I never thought of that. ] I still love his paintings - or rather, the memory of them. One pet peeve of mine was the fact that we were never really friends back in school. And one day I find him in www, all grown up and much wiser and sadder, now seducing words effortlessly. [ But I still prefer his paintings!]. On second thoughts, any attempt at friendship b/w two precocious young things would have ended back then in life long rivalry. Thankfully, later is definitely better in this case.

The Lady:

I cannot think of her as anything else. She was the total antithesis to me - calm, composed, diligent. Came across her recently. She looks the same, but looks can be very very......

The Senior:

This guy was the one of the very few who had dreams in my engineering college - among those I knew. Good dreams. Big dreams. Tried to bring some sense of professionalism to our college, but did not really succeed. The first egotist I recognized as such. Has he ever read Ayn Rand? One of the things which I remember him for is the awesome 90kmph bike ride for arnd 2 hrs that we had to attend a quiz competition. The journey by itself was great - I love high speed - and the fact that we won it makes it all the more special.

The Studious:

He was my arch nemesis. My parents wanted me to follow his example of studying, being sensible, serious and diligent. I freaked out big time on those, especially the being sensible part. Candid Confession : I used to have some perverse pleasure in beating him during quizzes, as that was my only way of validating my superiority over him. Despite all that, he was/is a sweet, nice guy, ready to help. And with a good sense of humor - but not very discernible. Met him a few days back on orkut, and I am a much more happier person. Yayee!

The Booze:

The first time I met him, I somehow wanted to know him better. My antenna for eccentricity was working overtime I suppose. However, it was not until this year that I really got a chance to do that. And had a good time too in IMP. Wit and sarcasm are his forte, and also movies :) This too is a case of getting better with age.

Ok then. These are a few people. I have discovered quite a many others too, waiting for them to reply, and until then, adios!


A perfect Day

It felt wonderful to wake up just by yourself, without the mobile alarm rushing you off to neverending work.

Stared at the laoptop screen, then played some more spider solitaire. Read up a few good movie scripts from web - movies which I may not have otherwise watched - and saw the movie Ground Hog Day.

Ani buzzes, askes if I would like to go to Sakchi. It is the more haphazard market but hey, I have all the time in the world today. I stretch my limbs, get my rooms cleaned out, and write a cheque to withdraw money from the bank.

It was a nice day there too. Not too many lines, a few nice known faces which spread some wholesome small talk and smiles. Now walk over to the wall dividing us from Jubilee Park, and jump over.

Today was a busy day at the wall. A fifth standarder and her younger brother were also on the line. First them, then us. The park was in full bloom, or may be it was just the way the sunlight was flirtng with the colours.

We stood at the same old place where I had stood with Macchan for many a VFM [ value for money in bizbuzz, cheap in common parlance ] journeys to south indian food. Presently we reach Sakchi, and the shopping begins. After some more VFM experiences, we go to the hotel where we would be meeting Lash and Gaya. Soon news flows back and forth. It has been almost 3 months when me and Lash and Anitha nad a good chat. But no matter. We are rooted deep; and many announcements and congratulations later, we decide to split up.

I flick the rose flower on the vase on the table, yielding to the temptation. The waiters discretly turn away their eyes. I further yield to my weak side, wanting to visit the old books market. We go their, me bargaining, but LAsh looking too lost; both to the art of bargaining and to the books there.

Ani and Gaya split, coming back later with roses for us. We grin, count our bounty of Nat Geo, Elle, and the like for Lash's collages, Archies, Dame Agatha and Spaceman Spiff for me, and a whole load of do you remember stories brought back by Enid Blyton books on sale. I do not want to buy anymore, I plan to go back there with Abhi and get him do the dirty deed of feigning shock anfd surprise at the prices for me.

The roses are fresh, beautiful. We accept our flowers graciously, thanking the girls with many smiles. I guess red roses are more to be passed to you by boyfriends than dosths, but I am happy with this arangement. Me and Ani hop on to an auto, whose driver mouths a sensible sum, for a change. We relax back, reach XL and head for our rooms. I find that the movie download is complete, and the print is good.

And just in a flash, I realise that this was a happy day, a perfect day for me, one that made me happy, with the simple pleasures which sparkle around you and finally settle in your eyes and smile; the ones which linger around like a wiff of perfume...



You are being rude to me when....

You expect me to respond to your Yahoo buzz.
Unless you left a message for me along with the buzz, there is no need for me to reply to you. Also, it would be a good idea to remain online so that I can see you and reply to your buzz.

You spam me with umpteen group messages.
Unless we belong to the same class or group, there is no excuse in spamming me. So please organize your yahoo messenger list into groups so that I do not get message which have no remote connection to me.

You send me links which have malware at the end of it.
It wasn't funny; and it is not funny now. I resent wasting my time restarting my comp due to some stupid malware and cursing you to plague.

You do not reveal your identity.
I really have a wider social circle than you think. If your handle is "stupididiot11234" then I expect you to first introduce yourself to me, and in detail.

You don't respect the 'Busy' sign.
I put that sign up for a reason: I want to be left alone. Unless it is something really important to the two of us; please do not message. With the Busy signal, please state your purpose at the very first message.

You think I am your servant.
Me having an online messenger doesn't mean that I have to be at your beck and call. I have the freedom to ignore your buzzes and messages.

You give me missed calls with no followup messages.
Master the art of SMS; and use it to message me if I do not respond to your call on my cell.

You want to play guessing games with me on messenger / phone.
I don't care for guessing games. Period. Take your perverted mindgames somewhere else, you freak.

You think I am " frank & open minded".
This may come as a surprise to you, but I didn't join any of the webcommunities to hook up with / chat with random strangers. Please introduce yourself to me if we do know each other. And yes, I am neither frank nor open minded.

You think I do not have enough friends.
I do! And I really don't like messages saying " I want to be your friend" - I think they are stupid as friendship is not a project; it is something which happens naturally.

I do have a sizable number of online friends- mostly of the opposite gender - people whom I got to know through their webpages, blogs et al... and whom I had met after being fast friends with them, and some I have never even met. But creeps who act like the instances mentioned above; those I can do without.

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