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Visited a fellow Ilander and saw a post about Kannur and Kerala, which had me thinking about my childhood days.

Now why am I feeling so nostalgic? I could have gone back to Kerala whenever I wanted. Hop on a plane, <> and a train, and I am home. Back to the sea and the backwaters. Back to an abundance of green which just take your breath away.

But I chose to stay away. For the Kerala in my dreamscape exists only outside the train windows - even those, at last count, are degreenerating to concrete chawls. The horrible horrible gossipy nature of Malayali, our penchant for all talk and no work, and the repressed sexual frustation of Malayali men which manifests itself through gropefests in crowded places repelled me.

Still, I hope to buy a typical naalukettu - hang over from MTV[asudevan Nair, our Jnanpeeth winning writer] - and settle down admist the abundace of sun, green and the sea.

I am enchanted, and the magic can never be countercast.


Anonymous Anonymous :

I agree often i miss the landscpe beauty of kerala but when i go there i am always disappointed by the people there.I remember few years back, often there used to be strikes & some major knife fight or so in kannur.people are so much educated yet are so narrow minded & behave like illiterates.My father often used to say a malyali will work in other states but never in his hometown.Its so true i wonder when people there would grow up.Educated people but still not mature in thoughts.Hope by next decade kerala would have made good progress

4:02 AM  
Blogger indu :

oye i do agree. just stay away from home for 3 months the beauty of kerala and the mouth watering food beckons me . Go there and i want to catch the first flight backkkkk...........

5:39 AM  

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