"Each batch thinks that they are better than the ones before them."

"Well, I dont know. It seems to me that our seniors were better than us."

" Really? But you base your observation on what? "

" Well... being part of this batch allows me to observe everyone and everything that is happening... and from close quarters, you really get to see the real truths and motives. With our seniors... well, they were our mentors, the people with all the wisdom... also the ones with whom we interacted were invariably the ones whom we really liked. "

" And what does that mean? "

" Well, it means that when you look at people through the eyes of love, you do not see their flaws. And even if you see their flaws, you also see what make them that way and you forgive them."

" Are you saying that you donot like our batchmates? "

" Well, I interacted with the seniors only when I wanted to, and to the extent I wanted to. With our batchmates, that kind of a freedom is not there. If the seniors were a well executed movie, our batchmates is a 24 hr reality show."

"Which gets kinda drawn out after sometime."


"So will you still say our seniors are better?"

" To each our own... to each our own... "


Blogger raven :

what can i say, i just hate those reality shows :)

which might also explain my liking for my room and its solitude on most regular occassions.

10:12 AM  
Blogger raven :

check this:

Now write a post. :)

10:22 AM  
Blogger ursjina :

I guess its an universal phenomena in all the socalled good instis...same happens with us too....

7:48 AM  
Blogger Nikhil Narayanan :

hey, just added u in Orkut..me from Trivandrum... RECW 2002, now in SIBM, Pune..

1:04 AM  

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