For you, my friend..

You mailed me, asking about the way a woman think. I gave you a vague reply, as I did not want to hurt you by blurting out the truth. But now that I think of it, knowledge is power, and more power to you; my friend!

So at the risk of being branded a turncoat by my fellow femmes, I now unveil these truths about us women, in relationships.

  1. We hate your friends. At time very much, at times very little, but we do develop a healthy dislike for your male friends, especially if they are single. They are our real competition, as they can very well snare you away by your myriad video games and porn videos. We also hate your female friends to a lesser extent as they are potential competition. If she is intelligent, she will try to be more friends with us. We know that she is doing it so that you two can continue to be friends, but as long as she realizes our power in your life, we are okay with that.
  2. We hate it when you obsess over your past relationships. You broke up for a reason. Now get over that slut and focus on us! We are cool if you find it difficult to totally forget her; just do not make her the topic of discussion between us.
  3. Don't compare us to your mother. Granted, it might be your form of telling that we are absolutely wonderful, but your raves about how well we resemble your mother or any elderly female relative reminds us of a guy called Oedipus who had issues with his parents. Which is spooky.
  4. We hate it when you litter. Please, please pick up all the food crumbs that you leave on the floor. ie; if you want this relationship to continue.
  5. Don't cancel out on us. If you promise to be at someplace, then you better be there! Only exception is when you die or is paralyzed.
  6. It's ok to act jealous... a little. We love it when you think that we are stupid to stick with you. And it does give us a kick when you act a bit jealous. But if you really get jealous, then it is a no-no.
  7. You must like my friends. Unlike most of your friends, our friends are so much more pleasant. Try being friends with them. We love it when you do that.
  8. Give us gifts ' just because'. Buy us music, bring us flowers, buy us chocolates or soft toys, write us love letters... pamper us guys... We totally flip out on them, eventhough some of us have a hard time admitting that we like it.
  9. Don't make fun of us when we cry. Not if you want to live a long life.
  10. Never, ever hit us back. Not even if we beat you black and blue and make you undergo an near death experience. You hitting us is cruel and insensitive. We hitting you is light and playful. Period. No exceptions!
Ok... I guess these are true for girls in a relationship... me as your friend will behave in a totally different manner - by the way; I guess you now know why I look forward to meeting her! :)



"Each batch thinks that they are better than the ones before them."

"Well, I dont know. It seems to me that our seniors were better than us."

" Really? But you base your observation on what? "

" Well... being part of this batch allows me to observe everyone and everything that is happening... and from close quarters, you really get to see the real truths and motives. With our seniors... well, they were our mentors, the people with all the wisdom... also the ones with whom we interacted were invariably the ones whom we really liked. "

" And what does that mean? "

" Well, it means that when you look at people through the eyes of love, you do not see their flaws. And even if you see their flaws, you also see what make them that way and you forgive them."

" Are you saying that you donot like our batchmates? "

" Well, I interacted with the seniors only when I wanted to, and to the extent I wanted to. With our batchmates, that kind of a freedom is not there. If the seniors were a well executed movie, our batchmates is a 24 hr reality show."

"Which gets kinda drawn out after sometime."


"So will you still say our seniors are better?"

" To each our own... to each our own... "


Bla Bla

Reading Santharam. It is wonderful, how a long book stays with you like a trusted friend. The flavour of it is sipped slowly, and I am enjoying it very much.

Have been getting a staggering amount of virus mails. Should say, the subjectlines and the way those mails are words are to be appreciated.

Am into reading screenplays nowadays. If a movie is really great, then its screenplay is a good indicator of that greatness. Actually, the dramas are comedies are more enjoyable that way - I somehow didnot enjoy the American Pie series on screen as much as i did when I read it. Quinn Tarrentino is a good read.

Am looking for Revenge of the Nerds Screenplay. Anyone know any free site from which to download?


Walk past...

Visited a fellow Ilander and saw a post about Kannur and Kerala, which had me thinking about my childhood days.

Now why am I feeling so nostalgic? I could have gone back to Kerala whenever I wanted. Hop on a plane, <> and a train, and I am home. Back to the sea and the backwaters. Back to an abundance of green which just take your breath away.

But I chose to stay away. For the Kerala in my dreamscape exists only outside the train windows - even those, at last count, are degreenerating to concrete chawls. The horrible horrible gossipy nature of Malayali, our penchant for all talk and no work, and the repressed sexual frustation of Malayali men which manifests itself through gropefests in crowded places repelled me.

Still, I hope to buy a typical naalukettu - hang over from MTV[asudevan Nair, our Jnanpeeth winning writer] - and settle down admist the abundace of sun, green and the sea.

I am enchanted, and the magic can never be countercast.


our wash tub in Shillong... Posted by Picasa
stay hidden... away from poachers' eyes.. stay salient.. to awe and to humble the puny beings who pass by.. Posted by Picasa
a great place to visit..
but to stay?? Posted by Picasa
and we were banished from cherapunji, drove away by the night, and supervised by the moon; no mercy, no second chance... Posted by Picasa
the best loo in the world.. :P Posted by Picasa
the beauty of the destination is revealed by the journey.. Posted by Picasa
another shade of perfection... Posted by Picasa
i saw this on my last night at shillong... from where i was lying down, i looked up; and saw the magic refleted up there.... Posted by Picasa
we camped here... on the lakeside.. sat till late night to talk, and like puppies; slept on the steps leading to the banks... the moon, she stood guard over us like a competent nanny... Posted by Picasa

Shillong - The hidden paradise

No digital gimmicks... just the beauty of nature over and again... it was a wonderful experience full of fond memories, one which i hope to relive when I go back there... Posted by Picasa
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