some days back...

It has been a while, huh? Coming back after a break is always awkward, taking those tentative steps, not knowing if the code of conduct has changed or not. It has been a frenzied world out there, and I was caught up in the swirl. I really do not know what exactly to write about; so much have changed since the last post.

Now that we are here, let us take a long hard look into something which we both feel strongly about. Something like... freedom? And individuality?

I have seen instances where a conscious stand for modernity tramples out the tradition. But, who am I to define modernity anyway? What I see and total stupidity would be the heights of human creativity for another being. But the point is, do we recognize another’s right to call my best their worst? And do we want to??

Well, this is what happens when I am not writing about what I want to write... the words rebel and refuse to shape up.

Now reading Archie comics... and Wodehouse too... I have rather taken a shine to totally frivolous lifestyles of the English upper crust.

Got re-addicted to the game “Dope Wars” - simple buying/selling game of drugs. Tried to download it, but no success. Also Sudokuing my time away. And sleep. And movies. And yep, I am getting addicted to bike rides too...


Blogger kd :

Hey welcome back. Nothing has changed in the blogging world. So please return full steam.. or full petrol?

What bike are you riding by the way?

2:37 AM  
Blogger raven :


6:27 AM  

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