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Despite being the hottest topic in the cyberworld, the IIPM fraud news have not been really covered by the mainstream media. NDTV covered the news, and so did HT.

On the face of it, one must be surprised. This may lead to the unearthing of a major educational fraud. This may lead to a tantalizing story of how black money becomes white. Of the power of press - for I think journalism extends beyond the semi-playboy spreads or the share watching nerd news which the paperwallah deliver to our hostelrooms everyday. But none of that is happening here. This from a nation who thrives on sensationalism; of printing gory pics of disasters or nubile young women to excite their readers.

On second thoughts, it actually baffles me that so many print pads have taken up the issue.

Similarly, management institute IIPM continued to be on the high-spending list of advertisers in print and was at No 7 slot with a spend of Rs 3 crore, against the previous month’s spend of Rs 3.2 crore when it registered at No 3

Any Bschool student from a good B School will tell you that it is the advertising, not the readers, who rake in the big money for the newspapers.

And its all about money, honey!!
addendumm: Our dear bearded prof was also targeted by some chuss ano-ny-muss for his audacity to criticize IIPM. Do visit his blog to know what happened next.

My dear non-bearded seniors blogged a play on their Dhaaba too. Visit it for some laughs.


Blogger Jithu :

i'm bit worried abt the thousands of students who are paying so much fees and studying at various centers of IIPM now.

if IIPM is fraud, then definitely it has to be extirpated!

11:04 AM  
Blogger raven :


3:25 PM  
Blogger Baliga :

hence the need for transparency in the administration of private AND govt run colleges and institutions.

9:29 AM  

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