IIPM - dare to think beyond their ads??


my two pence.

Please chk out beyond the ads before you join any MBA institute.

this is a public service message put forth by me. I think that any institute of learning who tries to arm twist people into accepting whatever they say should be subjected to media scrutiny.

"is IIPM a central government run institute? if not, how come they are using 'Indian' in the name of the institute (Indian Institute of Planning & Management). As per supreme court directive, only central govt run colleges can use names like Indian, Mahatma Gandhi etc. "

-- as posted in one of my college newsgrps.

If they are not a central govt insti, can I sue them for 100000 crores for fraud???

musings of a lazy mind...


Blogger silverine :

Well said, these guys should be sued out of business. More power to bloggers like Gaurav Sabnis.

8:55 AM  

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