The girl and the bitch gang...

This is a not about me. This is about the girl.

Girl was the apple of their eyes and inspiration for their wet dreams. They soo wanted her, never mind the technical glitch of having girlfriends back in hometowns. But girl, it turned out, was no bimbette. She had the disadvantage of having a brain, which they could not really relate to. Some, in isolation still did, but the group prevailed, the group was omnipotent.

Contrary to their expectations, the girl went forth and established her own clan. Many were those who loved to talk to her and have her as a friend. Many, who refused to heed the collective bitchiness of the group. And they were still having their wet dreams, which the tried to smoke out of their consciousness.

Time passed. Girl was doing well, which the group didn't like. The group was omnipotent, and it's wishes are to be obeyed. So the group went on, oh, nothing much, just some stinky stories here and there to call the girl a slut, atleast with the newbies. [ The oldies loved her too much to hear anything like that, and the group, in a fluke action of intelligence realized it.]

Girl was hurt, she withdrew, into a shell. And the souls around her were disturbed, felt her sadness, but could not do anything about it, as she was too dignified to resort to the groups tactics.

The girl, like the group wanted, started eschewing her happiness, fearing their poison darts. But how long can she be not the wild child that she is? Especially when the times are changing, and changing for good?

Addentum: Thanks woman, for heeding my prayers! :)


Blogger raven :


3:00 AM  
Anonymous AJ :

Its strange, the way you still talk about "them" and "their" rat races..and you..somehow I thought u were among your own over there..:) anyway, till the day companies start accepting our self grades for our worth as students, I guess we all have to bear the rat race...maybe not enjoy it, but learn to tolerate it.. atleast you have your books, your friends, and your loved ones around. Think of those who dont even have that sustainance :)Cheers

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Aj :

Sorry iggy the last comment. wrong post.

11:12 PM  
Blogger kd :

I wish she would realize someday that you live alone and die alone.. and you live that lonely life in your own terms. Time the girl got out of the shell and be what she is..

12:05 PM  

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