The girl and the bitch gang...

This is a not about me. This is about the girl.

Girl was the apple of their eyes and inspiration for their wet dreams. They soo wanted her, never mind the technical glitch of having girlfriends back in hometowns. But girl, it turned out, was no bimbette. She had the disadvantage of having a brain, which they could not really relate to. Some, in isolation still did, but the group prevailed, the group was omnipotent.

Contrary to their expectations, the girl went forth and established her own clan. Many were those who loved to talk to her and have her as a friend. Many, who refused to heed the collective bitchiness of the group. And they were still having their wet dreams, which the tried to smoke out of their consciousness.

Time passed. Girl was doing well, which the group didn't like. The group was omnipotent, and it's wishes are to be obeyed. So the group went on, oh, nothing much, just some stinky stories here and there to call the girl a slut, atleast with the newbies. [ The oldies loved her too much to hear anything like that, and the group, in a fluke action of intelligence realized it.]

Girl was hurt, she withdrew, into a shell. And the souls around her were disturbed, felt her sadness, but could not do anything about it, as she was too dignified to resort to the groups tactics.

The girl, like the group wanted, started eschewing her happiness, fearing their poison darts. But how long can she be not the wild child that she is? Especially when the times are changing, and changing for good?

Addentum: Thanks woman, for heeding my prayers! :)


vaccum of emptiness

Surprisingly, life feels emptier than ever before.

My personal life is going great guns. I am surrounded by good friends, I have people whom I can call up at anytime and demand a hug, I do not fear my personal future, I am getting bike rides through country roads by the dozen...

Still, I am sliding, ever so slowly, into depression.

I am a competitive person by nature. I want to be considered amongst the best. I also think myself to be fairly intellectual and mature. I genarally measure myself against myself, echewing all external rating scales, but now, I suddenly feel rusty.

All around me, people are doing case studies, B Plans, paper writing, et al. Some will win, some will lose. All for one elusive CV bullet point for CRP. To eventually end up in some office, making colourful ppts.

I hate such competitions, but even then, I too am being sucked into the frenzy of B School Competitions. Why? I ask myself. Dont you have someone who loves you? Good friends? Slightly woozy, but caring parents? Don't you know that you will get a job, no matterwhat, as you are an XLer??

I know... but then again, this urge to just prove to others that I too can win their games with their rules is eating me inside out. My book is pulling me the other way. My book loses out. I lose out. And the cases, I hate them...

Speak up, someone!!


The Case of Cases

One of the most used - and most truthful answers heard during MBA class discussions is ... "it depends." We have been rather actively exposed to HBR cases that case discussion happens everyday - weekends and holidays are for wimps- and we are asked to answer questions on a session to session basis.

I have some complaints against case based study. For once, it is about some arbit company - Ok, not that arbit - in some foreign country which has no bearing to the Indian scenario. When more and more companies are seeing India as their F1 race track - again, info from one case on International HRM : see Sir, I do read the caselets!! :) - it is stupid on Indian B Schools part not to develop a good case base on Indian scenarios.

Another aspect of the case is that there is an information dichotomy here [ not really sure what it means, I am using here to sound MBAish ]. You are viewing the case through the eyes of just 1-4 individuals. In the case of HR/strategy issues, this aspect is very significant as a lot of soft [ more jargon! ] issues also play a role in the final outcome of a series of events. I mean, how many people will confide to a case writer - or his secondary source - that " I agreed to sign the M&A as I wanted to pee and the only way to end the meeting was to agree to sign it." ( and looking at the disastrous M&A [ mergers and acquisitions - hey!!! Let me get my money worth of jargon in here!! ] this might very well be one of the possibilities.

But, the good thing about case based study is the perfect hind sight. You come up with ideas ranging from ok [ minimal jargon ] to fundooo [ 100 % jargon ] to D-U-H??? [ are there words like that in English?? ] only to be told by the prof that the company actually did something very silly [ which means an incremental change or some off the cuff, impulsive thing.. Or just waiting it out.. ] and survived. Or that they actually tried one of the very solid looking solutions and went bankrupt.

I think case based study is the MBA equivalent of legend swapping when soldiers gather around a campfire. It brings into mind what has been done, what is possible, and also the fact that the crazy loon in the class who get a C/C+ in almost all the subjects might very well be your boss tomorrow as all innovations has been brought about by crazy loons - or ab/sub/para/non normal people.

I have to sign off - have to read 2 cases now!!!

NB: Check out my ticket to a frax life: Ant-E-Man & Nick O'Barr


More on IIPM

Despite being the hottest topic in the cyberworld, the IIPM fraud news have not been really covered by the mainstream media. NDTV covered the news, and so did HT.

On the face of it, one must be surprised. This may lead to the unearthing of a major educational fraud. This may lead to a tantalizing story of how black money becomes white. Of the power of press - for I think journalism extends beyond the semi-playboy spreads or the share watching nerd news which the paperwallah deliver to our hostelrooms everyday. But none of that is happening here. This from a nation who thrives on sensationalism; of printing gory pics of disasters or nubile young women to excite their readers.

On second thoughts, it actually baffles me that so many print pads have taken up the issue.

Similarly, management institute IIPM continued to be on the high-spending list of advertisers in print and was at No 7 slot with a spend of Rs 3 crore, against the previous month’s spend of Rs 3.2 crore when it registered at No 3

Any Bschool student from a good B School will tell you that it is the advertising, not the readers, who rake in the big money for the newspapers.

And its all about money, honey!!
addendumm: Our dear bearded prof was also targeted by some chuss ano-ny-muss for his audacity to criticize IIPM. Do visit his blog to know what happened next.

My dear non-bearded seniors blogged a play on their Dhaaba too. Visit it for some laughs.


IIPM - dare to think beyond their ads??


my two pence.

Please chk out beyond the ads before you join any MBA institute.

this is a public service message put forth by me. I think that any institute of learning who tries to arm twist people into accepting whatever they say should be subjected to media scrutiny.

"is IIPM a central government run institute? if not, how come they are using 'Indian' in the name of the institute (Indian Institute of Planning & Management). As per supreme court directive, only central govt run colleges can use names like Indian, Mahatma Gandhi etc. "

-- as posted in one of my college newsgrps.

If they are not a central govt insti, can I sue them for 100000 crores for fraud???

musings of a lazy mind...

some days back...

It has been a while, huh? Coming back after a break is always awkward, taking those tentative steps, not knowing if the code of conduct has changed or not. It has been a frenzied world out there, and I was caught up in the swirl. I really do not know what exactly to write about; so much have changed since the last post.

Now that we are here, let us take a long hard look into something which we both feel strongly about. Something like... freedom? And individuality?

I have seen instances where a conscious stand for modernity tramples out the tradition. But, who am I to define modernity anyway? What I see and total stupidity would be the heights of human creativity for another being. But the point is, do we recognize another’s right to call my best their worst? And do we want to??

Well, this is what happens when I am not writing about what I want to write... the words rebel and refuse to shape up.

Now reading Archie comics... and Wodehouse too... I have rather taken a shine to totally frivolous lifestyles of the English upper crust.

Got re-addicted to the game “Dope Wars” - simple buying/selling game of drugs. Tried to download it, but no success. Also Sudokuing my time away. And sleep. And movies. And yep, I am getting addicted to bike rides too...

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