You know you are not totally over the camping/trekking trip when...

You do not gross out when seeing assorted insects, worms or dead animals

Mess food tastes good

You try to eat random looking fruits, berries and uproot small plants to eat their roots

Whenever you see a group of people, you run upto the front and smile, waiting for your picture to be taken

You contemplate drinking water from the mosquito breeding centre – also known as ‘pond’ in local parlance – when you are thirsty

You think taking an auto for any distance less than 3 Km is either for invalids or wimps

Your friends and Profs donot recognize you because of your tan

When you donot recognize yourself in pictures because of your tan

And the #1 sign is....

When you want to answer nature’s call, you look for proper cover behind the bushes!!!


Blogger raven :

lets move forward from the trek to shillong / cherrapunji, may we?


lonely, bored!

3:53 PM  
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