See you after 20th..

Im listening to MLTR on my laptop and a heavy rucksack beckons me. Its just 15 minutes for my departure. I am carrying Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient to read on the journey.

The adrenalin rush is still there, but I am more or less ready to take it. I need this diversion now. I am not sure why I signed up for this, but guess it will turn out well – as all my impulsive, spur of the moment decisions have been.

Met an Ayn Rand lover in the mess today. Who would have thought? Many of those I came across here either thought Ayn too hi-fi or too stupid for the reality. And one of the persons whom I never even thought had anything in common with me have something nice and interesting to tell about her.

MLTR gave way to Will Smith, and now Brahms is serenading me.

Ciao then. I am taking a notepad with me. I hope to write about the trip so that I can develop it into something and then put it up on you.

You take care and be a good blog now!


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