GH4 is dead, long live GH4

GH4 is not mine anymore. I tried being there this term, this entire term, but no; I have disowned it; and it has forgotten me. That floor where I used to go for really good talks and watching all sorts of movies ranging from Chinese to Lebanese is not there. The floor which expanded my reading, my movie related knowledge, the floor where I saw how filthy you can keep a room and still live there, the dope room, the cigarette room, the daroo room...

And the people in them. A nice gentleman sweetie pie, a stubborn bull, a slightly moody doggy, a bear that is totally selfish like a kid, the creative muse of our batch who was bursting with ideas, the guy who could have been the topper but chose not to, our own Pele, the rain gods, Neo from the matrix -– they all were there.

That floor had something special in it. It housed some of the best brains of our college, some of the best players and some creative geniuses. I guess it was our equivalent of Paris during Renaissance, with people from other floors and hostels flocking there for likeminded souls. The place which was the base to an eclectic array of people who added strength and spine to our culture. They were the mavericks, the people who chose to be who they wanted to be and cheerfully waved the finger at disapproving eyes. Individualism was their mantra. They spread out into different directions, different dimensions, thus adding depth and meaning to the subculture of GH4.

I miss them.

Now GH4 is much tamer. I cannot find the same intense conversations, gyan sessions, insights and inspirations which were so abundant then. It is inhabited by a different breed, not as coarse as the earlier one, and definitely not as attractive.

GH4 has renewed her password, and all of a sudden I find myself not knowing it. My onlyreprievee is the memory of those days, and the EL top where I sit to think and to star gaze. And I find that I do not really care about belonging to each and every room of that floor any more. They were my seniors, the people whom I watched with awe, who opened the magic box called XLRI to me. And the current residents are my friends, the people I know and love, whose feets of clay I am too aware of. Add to it some juniors -blasphemy! - and the disenchantment is complete. The Mavericks have moved on, and so should I.

GH4 is dead, long live GH4.


Blogger raven :

the mavericks have moved on but one remains. and she pours out her feelings on this blogspace.

i get the feeling that u may be having/planning another blog away from our prying eyes... if true, can i get its password?

interestingly, my IP nick and comp name during my early period here was maverick before i switched to joka. i realised, belatedly that everyone around was a maverick.. in one way or more but each of us were :)

so raven speaks

11:21 AM  
Blogger Richik :

good one...this write up on GH4...and for chrissake spell my name correctly. and gh4 is not dead, its just an expression of crazed and doped elysium eternal !!!

3:20 AM  
Blogger syko :

loved the post.
passed it on
to some of the mavericks
from the GH4 of yore. :-"

you can thank me later.


12:58 AM  
Anonymous jammy :

great nostalgic writeup....u almost relived the GH4 life in this post...will keep coming back to it

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Reuben :

oye.. which one of the above is me..

aaah.. we could make a movie on the people on the floor..

thanks.. reminded me of the good times there..

Incidently before GH4.. there was GH2 which was probably just as fun if not more..


10:23 AM  
Blogger thambi :

Hmmm, GH4 and its beginnings in GH2 (the only time in its history was it allowed to be trodded upon by a variety of self-proclaimed great selves). Man, we lived it all there.
You put me down that memory lane.
Thanx bud.


8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous :

Reuben, search for the canine one ...
hail DC

1:53 AM  
Blogger mOby :

I must be the guy who chose not to be the topper :-d

4:53 AM  

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