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The worst thing about blogging is the lack of privacy, and the fact that people who generally matter in your life take a stand on what you blog/not blog. Now that my mother has sniffed out my old blog, I am shut shop there.

Why I do not want my family to read/comment on my blog:

My blog is me unedited. In front of the family, you invariably has to tone down a lot. I want atleast one place to be myself without fearing sensure from parents or peers. Thanks mom, for spoiling it for me.

My parents do not understand my world. Sad, but true. Sadder is the fact that they donot understand the fact that they cannot understand my world.

Making partial judgement on issues which one have not witnessed or have any knowledge about sucks big time. No exceptions.

I would have been ok with my mom reading my blog, but not telling me that she is reading my blog and commenting on what has been written here so that I could have continued this self talk. I blog not for my parents to see. This is as intrusive as some arbit person opening your bathroom door when you are taking a bath.

Guess I need some more EI group sessions... :)

Goodbye old blog.. .I loved you... and I will always miss you.. .


Blogger Kuttan :

Too bad you and your old blog got outted. The first thing you should know about blogging is you should never tell the people you know about your blog. Thats severly restrains your creativity and makes you self conscious. Last thing you want is your parents reading your blog. Hope your mon wont chase you down here again.

7:30 AM  
Blogger banished soul :

I didnt give.. she found out.. :)

9:16 PM  

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