Harebrained Creatures...

Other than that, I do not find any reason as to why men feel that women are a mystery.

The basic courtesy taught by your parents are all that most women want. When men are very good in their manners when they are at home with their mothers and in a corporate environment with their lady boss or Angelina Jolie, I wonder at their dumbhead attitude which is all entrenched in their interpersonal relationships with us.

I haven't told you about Idot, right? He is the summ total of men's stupidity, of those times when men I really think were intelligent act stupid. I will be using him as a common pseudonym for all the men in my life when they goof up.

The other day, we were sitting in his room and talking about this hot junior babe. Idot, like the rest of the senior batch, has developed a crush on her. He had the competitive advantage that she was in his committee, and this opened an avenue of interpersonal interactions for him.

"I am going to be active in pursuing this one" He told me, eyes shining.

I picturised Idot and the girl in Cafe Coffee Day. "Don't ask her out in such a hurry. Begin by offering help in her studies. Then after 2-3 weeks casually ask her out." I offered.

"Pagal hai kya?? I am not being so active... What I meant was, I will be following her around everywhere... "

"Following a girl around??? You psycho, you will psyche her out acting like one!!!"

"Don't girls like being followed?? "

"Well, all the girls whom I know - including me - who had guys trailing their every move thought that they were perverts. And some even filed a police complaint. "

Just one example. I have an assignment to submit, and am off!


Blogger .:: Rosh ::. :

Wonder who put that idea in Mintu's head that gals like bein followed! Its such a put off.

A word to Mintu,
Maybe it happens only in the movies, where the 'ordeal' ends in an hour or two. Gals for sure wld prefer someone who is 'with them' rather than someone following them all the time.

8:00 AM  
Blogger raven :

from mintu to idot!! blog backlash?

1:04 PM  

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