20050729 - His fav word is Moron...

People come in all types. Sometimes if you are particularly unlucky, people like Mat-Hur end up being in your life.

Mat-Hur's like a nice cocaine addiction. Being with him has its kicks - oh, you should listen when he is arguing; dissecting facts and making sense out of nonsense. A strong ally to have on your side during all the case taking times, a person who enjoys the beauty of good food and better ambiance, someone who is a closet poet who has an amazingly sensitive side to his works...

But tell this to anyone, or even to me; and chances are that you will not escape unscathed. For this is the guy who is the epitome of all the characteristics which have made mothers, sisters, girlfriends and the rest of the female populace go "Boys!! [ sigh ] " over the history of mankind.

To state my case :

What do you call a guy who blindfolds you as part of a class exercise and take you bang on to a metal pole and make you bang your head against it, just to see if you will sense your way out??

And when that happens, looks more sheepish than a sheep and give a cho chweet embarrassed smile that melt your heart so much that you instantaneously forgives him?

What about a guy who systemically tries to meddle in the love life - or the lack of it - in his friends life?

And that too when those friends are of the dragon type who can scorch you with their words; but in MAt-Hur's case, they just roll their eyes and smile apologetically at one another - apologizing for the ditzy nature of Mat-Hur.

MatHur is a saga, the stories doesn't end. Watch this space for more 'Chronicles of Mat-Hur', or how the 'Empire Strikes Back' at him...


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