20050721 - Mintu

Mintu is a sweet kid, all of 24 years and a goofy smile. A group project and an obsessive prof conspired to bring us together, and now a days, I spend more time in Mintu's room than in mine.

The advantages are many. His room overlooks green, green and more green; while mine looks out to the bathroom of next wing. The room is always cool, and enterprising neighbors always will have something to drink. He is very laidback and calm, the perfect antidote for my frayed nerves when the 11th hour panic wrt submissions set in.

He is also a person with whom you can discuss jeans, songs - he has a fundoo collection -, dogs - he hates them, unlike me - life, books, Harry Potter, Uma Turman, Johnny Depp - no Mintu, Matt Damon is NOT gay! - , movies, and what not. He is free therapy, a tranquilizer without side effects. He is also my Hindi tutor, explaining the songs verbatim when Begum Aktar and Gulam Ali bare their souls from the speakers.

Its also fun to just look at Mintu, just for the sake of it, so that the sweet thing that he is start feeling a bit uncomfortable. Then you cannot but help smile when he dissects whatever you have been thinking about - and then decided against advising him - accurately and give you earnest assurances about when and how he is going to do it or not do it.

On these days of summer heat, Mintu is like a cool pool, surrounded by shady trees and full of clear water and gold fishes.


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